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Hey, thanks for the reply! Sounds good, I've been playing it for a few days and that was one of the only things that stood out. Otherwise I'm having a lot of fun!

I actually think if you play a game like cookie clicker it is a lot easier to go up in levels in their equivalent of "buildings" than it is in this version. However, the addition of research and adventures fixes this problem because it gives you more content to do while you wait. I just still think the speed of building unlocks could be a tad faster. I also think there should be a way to increase the speed of the levels the player earns.


also hardened container has a spelling error in the description lol

So I am confused about what the computer part material is used to make. I have like thousands of dollars worth in it and not sure if I should save it or just sell it. Also I am in late game and I'm not sure what the best use of recourses is in order to make tons of money quickly lol. otherwise I am having a ton of fun with this game devs are killing it. Also small note, but it took me forever to figure out I can add parts to the drill.

I wish that if a block had a status like hollow or heavy that if we turn it into a heal block that status remains when the fairy comes... and maybe the level dice block it is remains the same... ex: a gold heavy attack becomes a gold heavy heal