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Yay! I'm super excited to play >:-) Thank you for working hard on this update!!

Love the update! Thanks for continuing to work on this project, as always I will await new content to play! :-)

This was such a treat to play! I have recently gotten into playing more horror rpgs and I gotta say, this one just hit me right in the feels- and that's when you know it's a great game! 

I definitely get spooked easy so I was laughing at myself for jumping at something every 2 seconds, but progressing through it became more plot-heavy and I was LOVING it!

Lowkey cried at the end, but that's alright lmaooo

Amazing game! I definitely look forward to any more being created (And I will be following current projects) 


Sounds great! Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to keep an eye out :-)

This game seems super cool! Definitely enjoyed finding clues and exploring- reminded me of Corpse Party and I loved that!! Can't wait for updates :-)

I absolutely LOVE this!! I used to be super into Corpse-Party and this reminded me a lot of it- which is why I immediately was drawn to this game. The story is super intriguing and the little horror elements here and there got my heart rate going up a bit haha (Shoutout to the slime dudes going zooooom)

Can't wait for more updates + the entire game! Thanks for all the awesome stuff already created. <3

Absolutely IN LOVE with this chapter! I thouroughly enjoyed and aaaaaaaaa I can't wait for all the crazy future plot to unfold +_+

omg I remember 2 years ago playing the demo and being so impatient for the full release... and now here I am 2 years later stumbling back on itch to see this fully released GEM of a game! :,-)

AHH! I finally logged back on after 3 months and I've gotta say, after waiting 2 years I'm so so SO excited to get to play this game in all its glory. Phenomenal work, and I'm so proud of everything you've done. Thank you so so so so so SO much!!!! 

I cannot wait to get totally lost within the beauty of this game again!

This game is absolutely stunning. Not only is the art breathtaking, but the story drove me to tears. All your games are so intelligently crafted and I just enjoyed my gameplay. :,-

I've been waiting eagerly for almost a year so I can wait a little longer! This game is amazing and I'm so grateful for your work on it!!! :,-)

This. Demo. Was. Amazing. The music, the plot, the characters, the art, the voice acting - everything was phenominal. I will 100% be saving up money to buy the full version!! I can't wait to learn more about the characters and be invested deeper into the plot. 

I know the original release was supposed be a bit ago, however the creator is still finishing up some last bits and pieces. They haven't given us a release date, however it should be soon! :D

super fun! Got the best end and the other ends were really creative and great to play :)

Wow! That is some amazing dedication!! I heard about the delay of a few days, and I hope everything works out! I'm excited, but I get that time is always working against us with deadlines! Good luck!!

I'll admit, this game was HELLA infuriating at first,, but after time, I learned which options to pick and honestly didn't care about having to skip through everything 100 times lol. It was actually much more rewarding when I got the good end because of all my work trying to find the right answers! haha

I am seriously in love with this game. First off though, I just want to commend you for making such a high-quality and amazing game in such a short amount of time!! (The final comes out at the end of the month, so that can be stressful). On top of that IT'S FREE!? This game looked so detailed I thought I would have to buy it. Even though I'm broke, I would love to buy your games in the future, or support you in the future (when I get some money haha). Overall, this game's plot, characters. atmosphere,,, it's all so unique and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful game to the community. I'm very excited for the final release! :D

This game had me hardcore sobbing and laughing at points. I love the art and the whole game itself. It spreads a wonderful message and I just---- aHGHH!! I love it!