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This. Demo. Was. Amazing. The music, the plot, the characters, the art, the voice acting - everything was phenominal. I will 100% be saving up money to buy the full version!! I can't wait to learn more about the characters and be invested deeper into the plot. 

I know the original release was supposed be a bit ago, however the creator is still finishing up some last bits and pieces. They haven't given us a release date, however it should be soon! :D

super fun! Got the best end and the other ends were really creative and great to play :)

Wow! That is some amazing dedication!! I heard about the delay of a few days, and I hope everything works out! I'm excited, but I get that time is always working against us with deadlines! Good luck!!

I'll admit, this game was HELLA infuriating at first,, but after time, I learned which options to pick and honestly didn't care about having to skip through everything 100 times lol. It was actually much more rewarding when I got the good end because of all my work trying to find the right answers! haha

I am seriously in love with this game. First off though, I just want to commend you for making such a high-quality and amazing game in such a short amount of time!! (The final comes out at the end of the month, so that can be stressful). On top of that IT'S FREE!? This game looked so detailed I thought I would have to buy it. Even though I'm broke, I would love to buy your games in the future, or support you in the future (when I get some money haha). Overall, this game's plot, characters. atmosphere,,, it's all so unique and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful game to the community. I'm very excited for the final release! :D

This game had me hardcore sobbing and laughing at points. I love the art and the whole game itself. It spreads a wonderful message and I just---- aHGHH!! I love it!