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Oh, thank you! I don't use Tumblr often; I appreciate the information ^^

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I know people have addressed this, but what date is this supposed to be? It looks like it could be Nov.22, but hasn't released yet.. As well, is the Error (Error: <<include>>: passage "StatTamer" does not exist) because of the current ending or something else? I apologize if this has been answered ><

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Oh, this looks beautiful! The art is gorgeous and the plot is very intriguing!

Edit: I just realised Luke has 2 sets of ears (wolf and human) lmao xD Was this intentional?

I think that's the end of the current demo ^^'

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Having the issue with inputting custom skin color: " Error: the passage "prologue26 skincolor" does not exist"

other than that, great story! 

This was interesting! I do have one thing to say, however >< With the scenes in the forest (near end), will the MC be able to mention anything about their dreams/nightmares?

Ah, I must have somehow missed that >> Thank you for the heads up :)

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Not sure if anyone has reported this, so just in case :)

"What if you just called your doctor 'not humen' to his face? He could keep you here as long as he wants, solely based on worrying about your mental state."

Edit: also:

"He almost sounds like he is part of a crime syndicate. Considering the professionalism in his attitude and presence; you would've believed him without hesitation. Even more so with how he is trying to doge part of your questions."

Ayyy, it's back! 

Ooh, the cliffhanger >> 

I can't wait for more- the plot and characters were so intriguing!

ahhh xD That went by way too fast! I cant wait for more- really want to meet the ROs ;D

Like the posts before me, I really enjoyed the demo! Really interesting plot, got me hooked immediately. I'd love to meet the characters! Can't wait for new updates :D

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This was an absolutely amazing game! I love the story and characters- they feel so real. The images are beautiful as well! It's so intricate, really can't wait to see where this goes :D

:0 Been a while since I've seen this one, super glad it's back! It's got so many new features, very cool! Can't wait to see more :D

Ah, no worries! I understand that life gets busy ^^

Just letting you know since I don't think it was reported :3

akdlaklahfal TOO SHORT 

Dang, thanks for tearing my heart in two xD I can't wait for more! 

Even though it was short, I'm already in love with the story and the characters! They are very well written, and I sure hope there'd be lots more interactions with them!

ah, there seems to be a problem when I try to choose the heights 170cm-180cm and below as a pure human! It only allowed me to choose the two tallest heights ><

I really enjoyed the game! Wish there was more to read xD I loved the interactions between the characters, and Ezra is very interesting xD

I do have a question- is the appearance of the MC set, or is the customization not implemented yet? 

Dang, that was way too short for my liking xD 

I love this game so much, can't wait for more!

that was a very fun game! dang, those choices were hard to make >>

Aeran is so difficult xD I love him anyways, and he and the MC have a great relationship- wish I could keep reading on ^^

I was playing on Google; may have been something on my end, but  I didn't get time to check ><

I'm having a bit of trouble with the save slots; I can't seem to save at any part in the game ><

Kept giving me a "Sorry, I couldn't save your game"

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I have confirmed my fears, and chose "When done, click here" 

it just takes me back to the important check page

Edit: Restarted my computer; better now ^^;

I need help ^^;

I can import my progress, but I don't know how to get pass the "important check"?

It says "Imported Roe's: You must click the pronouns choice to continue on.", but I have and it just take me back to the page.

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 I need more xD 

The story was very interesting! I loved the way the words pulled me in; couldn't believe I had reached the end >-> 

 Will be playing many times for diff routes and diff ROs (can't choose between Ezra, Oliver or Gage >///<  Will be waiting for...more intimate scenes :>) 

It was a fun game! Really liked the plot- and the characters (Both Ian and Elya have caught my interest). You really drew me in with the story! Can't wait for more <3

I have a question though; is there a way to turn off the sound effects? If so, I haven't figured it out lol.  (I like to listen to my own music whilst playing games ^^)