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I’ve liked everything you’ve made so far, so your odds were very good. ;)

An intriguing read! :D


Very powerful - well done!

A lot of fun in a small package. ;)

Just replayed the game as a birthday treat and loved it just as much the second time! :D

I’m hoping this is still being worked on as I would love to play more, but either way I really enjoy the chapters available and thank you for sharing them. <3

It takes real skill imo to pull off an engrossing VN in 1000 words - and you definitely did that! Kudos. :D


Still a huge fan of this demo! Just replayed it and had a lot of fun. :D

Replayed the intro chapter and enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time I played it! :P

Hooked by the demo and looking forward to playing the full game, whenever it happens to come out! :D

Fantastic game! I loved the humor and sense of heart throughout. <3

So excited for the full game! :D

Glad to hear it! :)


Great demo! I can tell a lot of love went into this. <3

~Some minor spoilers in question answers: Read at your own risk.~

  1. Whose route would you choose first? And why? Vincenzo, as Edel is waaaaaaay too knife-happy for my taste. Vicenzo is obviously also on the sketch side, but he also seems much more controlled/calculated. He also made me laugh several times, so I’m hoping for a sincerely sweet, principled side to him (i.e. he has his own rules/morals even if they don’t line up with society’s).

  2. What’s your favorite scene/event? I love the sibling moments with the MC, her interactions with her friends, and some of the cute moments with Vicenzo (muffins!).

  3. Are you interested in playing the full release? It honestly depends on how dark the LIs become/remain for the good endings. I don’t like yandere, when the MC seems either forced or fooled into a relationship, or LIs who don’t have some kind of principles/morals (although they might not be in line with most of society’s). That said, I think y’all did a great job with this and I absolutely loved the world and the MC - I’m just not sure whether this will be my flavor of otome or not!

  4. Are the LIs villainous enough for you? Villainous LIs aren’t generally my thing, so I’m hoping they have some underlying principles/morals and that being killed by them is very much just a bad ending thing.

Best of luck!

So glad to hear y’all are still working on it. Very excited for the full game!

Absolutely loving the demo!!! Cannot wait until the full game is released and I can binge the whole thing. I’m fascinated by the mystery, intrigued by the characters, and I absolutely love the MC. Fantastic art as well! I particularly love the MC’s different facial expressions - so emotive!


Take care of yourself and feel better soon! :)

Love the sense of humor in this game! :D

Amazing! :D

Oooooh - consider me officially intrigued. ;)

Fantastic game!

Some things I really enjoyed:

  • The sense of humor throughout (shout out to the amazing ads!)
  • The beautiful color schemes
  • How unique all the characters looked; similarly, the wide variety of character personalities
  • The inclusion of mythology trivia
  • The whole art book
  • How the end couples really made sense depending on the MC’s choices. You did a great job naturally showing different aspects of compatibility!
  • How we got hints of intriguing character backstory and worldbuilding naturally through character dialogue

My only complaint? That I would have loved more time with these characters! :P

Loved the character designs, the natural diversity, and how there are no good/bad endings - just different ones. :)

Very cute! :)

Wholesome and satisfying. Great job!

Really fun game! :D


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Great game! My only quibble is that there are some typos, but they don’t detract from an enjoyable story and lovable characters. :)

Very cute!

LOVED the new routes and the DLC! :))))))


Super heartwarming! :D

Lovely, lovely snippet of a game. <3

Fantastic game! :D

So excited for the release! :D

Super cute! :D