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Very atmospheric!

Based on this game, I want to read/play anything you make, so let your imagination run wild imo! Excited by the idea of a possible Kickstarter. ;)

Will do! :)

Absolutely amazing game! Now subscribed to your patreon so I can read more about these characters there. :)

Congrats!!! :D

So excited!!! I will be buying this soon after it comes out. :D

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(It takes real skill to make something tiny impactful and memorable. Again, great job!)

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Really fascinating snippet here! Would definitely be interested in playing an expanded version at some point, but since I’m also a Winter’s Diamond fan, I predict I’ll enjoy anything you choose to make. :P Anyway, I really love the sense of otherness/worldbuilding here, as well as both the characters.

Edit: A lot of itchio games have the option to donate to the creator when downloading the game, but I don’t seem to see that option here. I would love to donate a little if possible!

Fun short game!

Exciting! :D

Congrats on your first con! :D

Excited to play the demo for Saint Ceri when it comes out - the premise sounds super interesting! :D

Really excited to play the full game! :D

Well that was a ride. Started this morning and couldn’t stop until I finished!


Fun demo! :D

Some things I loved:

  • All the female characters! Complex and complicated and not necessarily always likable - very human. I love having a fully realized world with interesting side characters instead of just focusing on the LIs.
  • Incredibly sympathetic MC! (And intelligent and snarky to boot)
  • Great sense of time/place

Other thoughts:

  • There are a couple of typos (“subreptitious” or something similar iirc), which do distract a bit from the generally sparkling prose
  • I really, really hope there’s a MC spinster ending that isn’t presented as a bad end. I can see the MC being happy as a spinster! (Though of course I want to see all the LI routes as well.)

Looking forward to the full game! :D

Enjoyed the demo and really looking forward to the full game! :D

Sounds good to me! :D

As a fan, I’m happy to be patient. Making this game in a way that’s rewarding to you is most important!

The Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds currently has 792 items, but there seem to be 1,122 submissions. I’ve already purchased the bundle, but I’m curious about whether I should keep an eye out for later additions to the bundle.

Either way, thanks for creating this bundle for this great cause!

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Interesting demo!

  1. Hmmm… If I had to pick, Takane Hanano. I like how professional and intelligent he is. POTENTIAL SPOILER: It looks like he’s had to deal with superficial yet opposite reactions to his looks in both lives, which I find intriguing. [I’m assuming here that he’s the ugly man in the past.]

  2. PC

  3. Favorite scene: The stabbing scene.

  4. Yes, I’m definitely interested in trying the full release! Honestly, the only thing that didn’t work for me in the demo is how judgmental/superficial our MC was during the first date with Nitori. I actually like how passionate/perfectionist she can be about her work, and I find the scenes of her past life fascinating. Overall, I’m interested in all the characters! I’m hoping the MC becomes friends with Botan. :)

Really enjoyed the demo and looking forward to the full game! :D

Take care of yourself! I’m happy to play the game whenever it comes out. :)

Intrigued! :D

Interesting game! I wish there had been a little more resolution in the end (both about why the universe swapping happened and when/how the university president’s misdeeds get revealed), but I definitely enjoyed the game nonetheless. Great job with both the romance routes!

So much progress - congrats! :D

Enjoyable, emotional mystery where nothing is simple. Kudos!

Interesting story!

Nice story! :)

Very cute game! :D

Intriguing demo! :D

Just played the game today - and very excited to hear about the new content that’s coming! :D

Absolutely fascinating characters, story, and world - I’m hooked! :D

It would be cool if players had the option to adjust the sound for the text separately from the music and maybe had some keybind options (I’m so used to pressing enter to advance text!) but those are teeny tiny complaints about a great experience.

Solid horror adventure game - I enjoyed playing!

Cool story! :D


WOW - that is a LOT done. Congrats! :D

Thank you!

Absolutely fantastic game! I hope to buy/play more games from you in the future. :)

One quick question: how do you access the epilogue? I think I’ve played both main endings.

WOW - I had no idea what kind of VN I was getting into, and I’m glad I didn’t - what a ride!

Hoping to see more VNs from you in the future. :)