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Haha, thanks ! I hope the final ones will looks even more rad, then X'D

I'm currently drawing the sprites, here is a finalised one, along with its previous "test version" :

Yep, I used the background-test palette's for this character ! 'think I'll go with another set of colors for the backgrounds :>

Aaaah, fluffy VN are totaly my thing ! I'll keep an eye on it ! ;U;

And the idea of looking for the letter-writter identity sounds good, hehe :D Good luck !!! >u</

It's hard to find a title so early, right ? :'D

Your project seems cool, I always love the concept of evil/good sides on visual novels !
Plus if it's about bullying, it can be very interesting. Good luck with that ! :D

(also it's funny how you ended up here. Manga are always leading to surprises, haha ! )

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Yeay, it's been years since I wanted to join the Yuri Game Jam (so much nice games are born during it), and this time I'm finally able to ! Oh joy.

Like everyone, I've got no decent title at the moment ! o/

To summarize :

- It will be in french, because that's my native language and I'm not confident enough in my english level to use it in a game. Maybe I'll try to translate it later, though ! :D

- It'll be quite simple ! Like, "you make choices and it brings you there or not". Usually I like to make more "complicated" VN, with lots of funny/hidden stuff, choices combinations and all, but well, there's only two month here and it would be nice to try to do something lighter and focus on other things.

- I've began writing the dialogues, and when I'm tired of it I switch to the visuals. Until yesterday those were only researches, but now it's time to work on the True Visuals, hoho !

- It takes place on a little "spaceship librairy", with a really small crew. The Capitain (on the center below) is new here and have a huge crush on the librairian (on the right). Then you guess where it'll go. The left character isn't datable, yep.

Here are some ugly WIP and researches :

I wish you all good luck and courage ! o/ I'm really glad to be able to join this year and I can't wait to see the other participations, as usual ! *v*

Oooh, now I want more ! I was so into it when suddendly, it was the demo's end ! :'D

This is nicely written, and the sprites are cute (I already enjoyed this style a lot when playing Blossoming Love C: ) and Aimi's very interesting, gosh.

I'll make sure to come back and buy it when I've got the money ! >u</ (and make a full comment then, of course)

Replied to Antaille in Selve comments

Yay, merci trÚs fort !!! (Oui, elle est la partie la plus musclée de son visage en fait, haha ! XD )

Oooh, bien, excellent retour, je me posais justement la question parce que c'était la 1Úre fois que je me risquais à utiliser cette fonction et je savais pas trop ce que ça rendait à une lecture normale ! Je vois ce que tu veux dire (enfin je pense!) et je prends soigneusement note, merciii >u<

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Aw, moult remerciements, comparse ! C':

(Roh, t'es doué, moi je galÚre encore à le retenir vu que j'ai eu à le taper qu'une fois XD )

PlM te remercie pour les dialogues et cie, et de mon cÎté je suis hyper heureuse pour ton retour sur les musiques en particulier, le choix est jamais évident quand t'as pas ton propre compositeur sous la main, du coup ça me fait fort plaisir de lire ça :D

Pats Ă  toi !!!

Haha, I know this feeling, when you've been working so long on your game and you can't even tell anymore if it's funny or not <:'D

But I can assure that it is, I laughed out loudly a lot of times and the fact that they're all aware of their situation is well exploited.

I'm saving the date ! Ya can do it ! >:3

Oh my gosh, I was waiting for this demo and I'm SO NOT DISAPPOINTED. It's really funny !!!

The main character becomes quickly endearing, and I loved the ways they all broke the 4th wall. (The thugs scene OMG ;v; ) I laughed a LOT :'D Plus it's quite easy to read, musics are nice but not too overbearing so you can focus on the text, and the graphics works well too (I like the chara design ! )

Now I'll totally wait for the full version, that's for sure. Great job for achieving the demo and I wish you good luck with what's left of work ! >U</

°v° Je voulais juste te dire que tu pouvais rajouter que ton jeu tourne aussi sous linux (paske c'est le cas >u< ) ! Voi... là. Et que je l'aime toujours autant, aussi, j'ai hùte d'avoir un jour l'occasion de jouer à ce projet terminé...

Roh, t'es trop chou, merci comparse! ;v;

Hahaaa, des fins pas bien sympa, y en a pas mal, ouais! XD Alors que des bonnes... *tousse et regarde ailleurs*

Tant mieux alors, si la balade dans Bullshitland et les rencontres t'ont plu jusque-lĂ ! Et ouiii, un retour construit, je veux! (SincĂšrement, si t'as le temps pour ça et tu vois des choses qui gagneraient Ă  ĂȘtre amĂ©liorĂ©es ou quoi, n'hĂ©site pas, je prends tout! On ne sait jamais :w )