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No worries haha. Great news though, and I look forward to when you get to update the pack :)

Bought this pack a while ago and I'm finally starting to add some of these assets to my project!

Quick question though - I noticed there isn't an equipment icon for the Hook & Magic Wand like there are for the other weapons from previous packs?

Will these be added at some point (or am I just missing them haha)


Any time! Your packs are great :)

Very happy to hear about the animations being in the works and that they will be on the way soon!

Also very excited for the updates to the other packs.

Keep up the great work, full-on supporter over here!

First comment! Bought this as soon as I saw it was out! Quick question though, I asked a while ago if you will be releasing a roll/dash animation for the characters and possibly a hurt/die animation. Any update on these or if they are even still in the works? Thanks :)

No problem at all and thank you for the regular pack updates! Looking forward to the new player animations when they arrive!

Love these asset packs! I purchased them all recently for a project that I'm working on, and was wondering if you would possibly add in a roll/dash and hurt animation for the player character? It's all I still need! 

Ahhh that would be amazing! Fingers crossed! Will keep my eyes peeled for all future updates and keep up the awesome work! 

Absolutely loving this asset pack! I will be using it for my first ever indie game for sure as it fits the aesthetic perfectly. Any chance for more character weapon animations though? Like bows etc?