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Thank you very much! Now i can play this wonderful game, again and again! :D

Thanks for the upload, It works perfectly now! :)

Uhh.. Is this work?

Yeah, i have the same problem :(

Hey! This game is great so far, i really like your games. But im stuck! I can't find the third seed. Can you help me? 

Trick or YEE

Great collection of great games! My personal favourite is FEED ME BILLY. It's just so surreal! Keep on the good work! :) Can you please tell me what font are you using in the title screen for THE BACKROOMS?

Guys! Just think about the pain that this guy have to go trough to make this amazing and creey game... Just... Think about it!

I really liked this game! It was amazing! It's have a good story, i really like the concept, the animation, the style! EVERYTHING. But it's short... Please make EPISODE:3!!! WE.NEED.IT!


It's the first version of the game,so just dont hurt it.



I like the game! Yeah there are some bugs... but whatever i think its a good game ! Dont call it bad cause its the first version! :) 

Dude, i really like your game . But i dont really understand what this all about...

Just i am an idiot or you made like this?