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A lot of work seemed to go into the artwork. Game play was good but I got killed too often.

Some of this is very tricky, but it is a beautiful game.

Thanks for the feedback. I meant for the slime whip to be a bit tricky and unpredictable, because having the player pinball around is part of the fun. Try holding the mouse button longer or releasing it right before you move to another platform. Also, in some spots you shouldn't jump off the whip onto the platform, you should just hit the direction key for whichever direction you're going in. Any of the high platforms with 3 slimes in between require that you back ALL the way up and then only use a quick slime whip.

Hope this helps. If I use this control system for another game I will certainly refine it.

thanks. I'll try it again after my kid goes to bed and change my rating.

I couldn't get past the part where you have to launch a blue block onto a door opener, but otherwise this was mesmerizing!

Was I supposed to be able to open the chests?

I really want to like this but I couldn't get very far...I think I'm missing something...

Thanks, that makes things easier. The post above mentioned looking for edited code so I assumed you wanted both,  like Ludum Dare.

Where do we post our code for judges?

Hi, am wondering: will the asset pack include both 2D and 3D assets?