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Ohhh I totally missed that in the docs... my bad. Thank you!

Hello, everyone!

Love the new, alternative font for the code editor.  I was wondering if it is possible to set it to be used by the game when displaying text using the `print` function, instead of the default one (it'd be great for me to fit more text in the screen, since it's smaller). Is there some way to do such a thing? Or is using `font` the only way to change the default font?


Thank you for your quick response! Keep up the great work!

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Hi, everyone! First of all, it's my first post here so, in case they read this, I'd like to thank and congratulate the people behind the TIC-80 for their amazing work!

 I have a small question, I'm not sure if this is a bug to report or just something I'm not doing right.

When loading the code straight from the command line, using the command as it is specified in the Github wiki: 

tic game.tic -code game.lua ==> load cartridge, inject the code and run without startup animation

The game is displayed with the wrong colors (not the palette I've defined). If I just load the cart and run, they're back to normal.  (Just in case it matters, I'm using Javascript not Lua)

EDIT:  Just noticed, the colors displayed when this happens are the same that are applied when pausing the game and showing the TIC-80 menu.

Is this a bug or is there something I need to configure?