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first game, probably the one with most potential. the atmosphere was immaculate and the premise was well executed. only thing is to make the enemies more threatening and scary. that is all. good. lasagna.

2nd game, loved this. not much more to say! good house and use of materials and solid structure around the base and the frame, and those jams just kept the experience gliding smoothly like jam on a bagel on tuesday morning which is the 2nd worst day of the week but it isnt the first which makes up for it. 

3rd game, found it strange and the characters had strange, unsettling attributes to them that were just unsettlingly random. futhermore id like to say i did not attempt to get all endings so i will give it a pass on the fact i could have just gotten a more mild ending. so solid.

absolutely top tier atmospheric horror experience! watch this or i will be under your closet in your bed

2nd game, spooky, cool jams on the tv. broken sometimes. thats all im tired goodnight ill see u tomorrow girl wsatch thi s video if you want l mao.

3rd game, cool premise and solid slender like experience, except idek how the monster works. if that was more clear, would be higher rated. on a number scale id say 7/10 because the lack of knowing what caused the monster to come after me and the randomness of the jumpscares kinda got me. spooky but nonsensical. 

EXTREMELY GOOD AND COOL. Will be doing a playthrough where i do all the discord stuff. would LOVE a full release of this game though! looking forward to something more!

very strange..... whats with those pipes?

the doosie. 3rd game. very basic and not frightening, but is it really supposed to be? its a light hearted and (hopefully) satirical horror game. good all around.

1st game. fantastic and i hope to see this game broaden itself out to something more.

3rd game in this video, i know this isnt an "actual" horror game, but i can say i still did feel disturbed with my back turned against george. this was weirdly still scary. blah blah, good game.

i remember playing the crypt terror last year, and this one felt so much better, more polished, and more thought out than that one. best game of this video. cudos to you, mr game dev.

shadow man come get me. this game confused me and i think i broke it so i let it be for now. if there is a known issue and it gets fixed i will go back to it. what i did get to play, though, was promising!

very good and off-putting game, just the story could be more refined. good experience.

2nd game, pretty good, sets up a very disturbing and creepy atmosphere!

first game: pretty good all around. could have built a backstory up more by having a news broadcast about a missing baby and murder occurrence beforehand but otherwise very solid

great game, could be improved with the addition of multiple endings. i enjoyed it!

great game, very offputting, but still very good!

i remember playing the first two episodes of this, but damn, this one is far more polished than those two. i am in LOVE with the sound design especially. i know i didnt finish it tho......... but i LOVE IT


this is so fucking weird. once again yames, youve proven yourself to me. brilliant man. <3

i love you lixian<3

such a fucking cool concept and i love it. keep going yames, your games are so different and youll go big ( like absolutely huge) one of these days

i fucking LOVED this. thank you for making this man, loved it <3.
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as stated in the video, i do suffer from sleep paralysis, so my experience of this game was absolutely horrifying. 10/10 and now i dont sleep at night anymore.

1st game, and theres not much to say apart what i experienced in this video. i liked it! also i just saw the full game is out so im getting it. plan on playing it.

being not as good as the LIVE variant, i can still appreciate this game for what it is. i loved it.

in love with both feedvid games.

not the best game ive played, but it had its own charm that i appreciate.

in love with analogue horror so this is an automatic win in my book (though the blue screens between actual game are very long)

quite a wacko game, i actually enjoyed it (except for not knowing where to go)

i fucking loved this so much that i hated every second of it !!!!!!!

1st game, reminiscent of a walking simulator, i dont know if this game just isnt that enjoyable or i wasnt in the right mindset. it DID get me though!

the final game in the video, and i dont even know where to begin with this. the scary nature isnt from obvious horror of the game or its atmosphere, but it is from the innate idea that conjured this game to existence that is scary. 3/5 seals.

2ND GAME, and from the beginning, it was genuinely so unsettling. i loved it, and cant wait on the progression of the (potential?) full game

1st game, i enjoyed the concept and it got me. ive been enjoying the games from this dev!