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when's the rest? i wanna smash into more brick walls dammit!!!

its supposed to be the song from the game

wa pau wapu pu pau les go

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no wait i was talking about level 12

edit: finished it, finally!

Huh. It got detected as a virus, then it said nothing detected. Make up your mind, Avast!

This got detected as a virus... what?

imagine just being a normal employee at your company then a blue guy snorts cocaine then fly kicks you

10/10 best game ever

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It's like if Madness Combat and Hotline Miami were mixed together. And you know what? It's awesome!

yep, and i thought level 9 was impossible

9.5/10 can't get the damn cactus

agreed, they should've made the first car you get atleast not explode on impact when you steer just a little bit

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It's a Jelly alright. You're drifting with a literal block of jelly. Hold W for too long? Oops, you crashed. Hold D or A for 0.6 picoseconds? You turned around, and have to restart since It's impossible to recover. I'd rather put my sausage in a waffle iron than be forced to finish this game with the AI on hard.