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OMG We are fed again thank youu!!

kavak yelleri... i feel nostalgic

You are spoiling us with all these games. Thank you <3

lol this was really funny and the chests are glorious!!

This is quite good actually. I'll be looking forward to new chapters!

It's here! I love all your games. I'm so glad i found you. Thank you for existing <3 <3

Ahhh i can't wait. While waiting i might start the game again to flirt relentlesly with other characters. ;)

I loved the game. Thank you for the walkthrough. I would have never be able to get all the endings by myself. I really liked the horror elements. I love the concept of horror dating sims. Shoutout to Doki Doki Literature Club.

Hi! Thank you for replying. I will try that. Are you working on anything new? I look forward to future projects.

The art looks super cool! I hope it will be available in English soon.

I bought it on Steam and really liked it.  I'm looking forward to future games. I got all the endings except ending 6. Can someone help me with ending 6?

This was so cute! I absolutely loved it.

I think i'm in love with Leos' voice actor. It is so good! It's a really well made game. I'm looking forward to full release.

This is beautiful. I hope you will finish it. It would be really sad if it gets abandoned.

Hey! I really liked the game. But I got an error when Dietrick bathes Ray.

I LOVE IT!! It's hilarous. Everyone is a crybaby in the comments. I can't believe someone get offended  by a game. People are so sensitive these days. Anyways, i love  your humor. Please keep it up with your work. Have a nice day <3