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Eh maybe I didn't give it enough time but this game just isn't for me. . .hell if it wasn't for the sounds changing I'd not even know if it was 'going' or not. :/ 

I loved this! It's cute, eerie, and has a lot of potential :D I hope to see more of it!

Hmm this seems like a  "/shrug "why not both?"" type thing ;) can't wait to see it!

Played the free version so far and I'm diggin it. :) May try the full in the future. 

Very nice short game and the story is something I'd like to know more of ^_^

For what there was it was pretty good! ^_^ Will there be an extended version coming that shows the whole family line of tragedy? 

Very short yet bittersweet interactive visual novel. :) 

I love this so stinkin much!! <3 

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This game is probably a real "just @ me next time" to a lot of us, myself included; and the flow of it is hauntingly accurate. Truthfully I had myself a good cry while going through the different story paths. It was pretty refreshing to become so immersed.  Glad to see someone speaking on this topic on the gaming scene and I very much thank you for that. :) Keep up the great work I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing what else you put out here.