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Completed the True Happy Endings that are out so far, and I just love the variations and interactions with all the characters! They all hold a special piece of my soul, so I can't wait to see more bonus scenes and fluff. Would love a Grillby and Muffet route/cameo!

I thoroughly enjoyed the worldbuilding in the surface world and how it makes sense MC is the way they are. I melted at the parts where MC talks about the surface and how they all deserve to experience it.

I think the final ties everything in a wholesome bow, and that's all I really want for the monsters in Underfell. I fell in love with this AU years ago, and this brought back the nostalgia I felt from back then.

(P.S. There might be a small error, that I noticed in Flowey's route. At the part where we finally see the entity, there is text that says "He looks exactly like the monster in your locket..." when it should be "Flowey's" picture in the locket.)

All of them stole my heart! Just like how I'm going to steal theirs

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I always love older love interests, and I just fell in love with Lucas. He's so sweet and soft, it makes my heart warm AND THAT AFTERSTORY IS SUCH A TEASE HOT DAMN

I can't wait for the full game and more of Crowe! I definitely wouldn't mind being his little research assistant and drink chaga tea together by an open fire <3

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i shall giveth the feet as sacrifice to santa and spreadeth the naughty to the world <3

Just played the demo, and I'm so excited to play the full game! I'm definitely curious of all the characters and their routes, they're all so cute and sweet so far! 

A short and sweet game! I'm a sucker for yanderes

Just played the game, and I love Morris so much! Must share his poems to the world!

Can't wait for the full game! All of the five characters are captivating in their own way, I don't know who to choose to dance the night away.

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I'm so excited for the full game and updates! The prologue just makes me to know more about this horrific world and it's crazily attractive characters!!

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Money well spent <3 Only the best for my favourite hacker Micah!

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*Grunt Garret uses CHARM* 

Me: *faints from simping*

"It's super effective!"

I'm not only snagging Snaggemon but I'm snagging FEELINGS~ I just love Garrett he seems so sweet, and I love the writing and voice acting in this!! Can't wait for the full game! 

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Love the humour in this VN and the fun character designs gives me instant cartoon nostalgia!! Can't wait to sink my fangs into the extended demo/ full game in the future!

Definitely got me hooked and wanting for more!