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Missing Mountain

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No worries can't wait to see more of your videos, and we'll be sure to keep you posted :)

Cheers and the actual end is one of the few things in the game which is very clear cut, you won't get very much closure from it though as sticking with the lovecraftian/cosmic horror aspects of the game, the descent is in more than just the story

Thanks for the feedback!

A large part of the game's theme is about control so we tried to employ that as many aspects of the game as we felt needed, for example that's why the character's movements are rigid and exaggerated, it was intended to seem like something was mimicking how people walk with the player's body.

If we had more time with the project we definitely would've leaned further into giving you more motivation to explore the halls however we were walking a fine line with also trying to balance the feel of being completely lost and wondering what the $#*^ could come next.

But alas that'll be for another game

P.S. Great video, would've loved to have seen your reaction to some of the areas though

It shouldn't have been trying to, it may, like most games, ask for permission to pass through the firewall to read/write data etc but it won't change any settings or programs

We love the enthusiasm however you weren't involved in designing this game. Plus don't worry it doesn't access your data just creates its own

Roughly about an hour and a half :)