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Did it! Very clever, love the concept. It's like meddling around in a factory.

Update: Apparently, I have not found all the secrets.

I really love the "oops all systematic" puzzle genre, this got a few laughs out of me. Good work!

The idea's amusing, the gameplay's fun, and I like the twists it takes. The story is weird, funny, and kinda melancholy at times (just look at this school, it feels more like a labyrinth).

At first I didn't even realize the post game reward existed. But then coming back to this game, I passed all the tests again with it on. Have I found all the secrets? Maybe but I feel like I'll never know.

My favorite part is how a first grader says "frick you" to his teacher. Please please let me score negative points in the competition.

Thank you for creating this.

Neat! The abstract rule set is really interesting and leads to a lot of cool puzzle techniques. It's super fun and rewarding to find stars and secrets, too. The tunes are weird & cool, I like the one in room 4, 12.

Neat little game, cool mechanics that are nicely explored. I liked the Self-Supporting Double Rail Boxes! Interesting how the tutorial messages are mixed with random contemplations here and there. I did clip through some moving boxes while trying to move upward, but it didn't stop me from getting to the end.