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very fun game! did not know my goal was to get me to the goal and not the boxes at first, but figured it out! 10/10

lovely. i got stumnps many times but thats mostly bc i dont know how to use a analog clock

the main character is a bit annoying /j

in all seriousness this game is very lovely, speaks not only to game developers but to artists or creatives of any kinds, or just people scared of showing theirselves to the world. i have many art friends that can relate to not creating something worth something (myself included sometimes lmao) and i think this game would help them alot :3

that was beautiful ngl, very relatable. this was my mother's favorite. its like if warioware and paper mario had a baby and exclusively fed the baby gummy worms and soda. amazing.

hi louies zong i know you mayh not see this but can i use one of these pages as a profiled image ill credit u and the zine please

i fuckign love everysingle thing in this game and i wish everyone else could play it iu love it i just finished it i was almost in tears at that fuckgis ending i will pay my entire life savings for the chance of knowing a sequel is coming out but no pressure to yall but also that would be heaven on earth and i want to see amicus again ands also thank you and i love you and please enjoy yourselcews. i love you

now i can generate my own sludge content!!

very fun to play, very airy. wondering if this would work with two players maybe but still cool as is 10/10 found this from free game planet's tumblr

I KILLED HER!!!!! (with rocks from the stump bc i am a coward :3)

oh. and here i thought the magic floating rotating orb was the nest of the slime diva, and not the side area. thank nyou


i love this game it is the best i have and will play it for many more hours but where is she?? i know shes hidden and where the slimeks are but ive been killing slimeks for god knows how long and i havent found her anyways looking forward to full release of the game so i can play it with my friends maybe

very cool


im glad i got the naked ending on my second try

that was really good!!! love the art style and the subtle changes throughout the house!! and the music fits so well!!

:DDDDD yayyy

so so cool boy kisser being electrocuted xD

i cant save as html :(( it dont download it just closes the save window :(( it is very cool though i love it

uhuh yeah ok yeah sure uhuh yeah ok yea uhuh i gotcha alright okay yeah okay uhuh

god mutherfucking damn.

i have never been the type to be easily swayed in my emotions, but this is something different. in 2 hours i've experienced more sadness, empathy, joy, worry, and relief than i have in an entire year. this writing is so otherworldly that i can't describe how good it is. the art is amazing, the dialogue and plot is enough to drive the roughest of souls to tears. i never ever want to forget the first time i spent playing this game. amazing. if there is a sequel i would be more than willing to pay whatever amount if i get to experience that all over again.

very cool! what if there were a popup for a customizable palette tho

after 5 hours i have beat it but have not complete it. its a very cool game but im far too tired to express it so ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

very cool and fun my brain is not as big as i think it is but nevertheless i solved some with minimal error! :D

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i fucken loved this, cant wait for the continuation. the characters felt so fleshed out and alive, and the inner monologuings of mylo are really realistic as far as i can tell. the parts where speech/text get cut off do sometimes get cut off too early to glimpse, and i have to look at the history, but minor inconvenience, overall great game and story and art and music 10/10!!!! sidenote: i love baxter

very cool but a bit too easy for me ;-w- the artstyle is amazing and the mechanics were all easy to understand! and the music was really good whilst being limited to the 8-bitish effect

somehow managed to keep my dwindling attention span for way too long, completed it though in what i'd say is pretty good time. this some cookie clicker shit but in a industrial post-apocalypse era. very cool and the sfx were amazing

very funny, i laughed when i ended the date early

very coolg game!! i cant imagine how hard it was to program such a novel concept, but it was very well executed!! 10/10 and the plot and voicing was amazing

very cool horror twist, like nightmare viewfinder! the atmosphere was very liminal, sound design was great, puzzles challenging yet solvable, 9/10

this reminds me of that video where the guy got 999 in flappy bird

very cool!

very difficult!

very very fun!! the no audio cues part was pretty hard, but i got a 15 highscore so pretty happy! also this managed to capture the exact vibe of the video so very cool!! 10/10 would ta tata tarata again

glark-main character

emo sheep emo sheep emo sheep


i've gotten every character's arc done, except for oliver. they're sleeping rn, after (failing to get) oj soda, what do i do now?

nvm i just had to fullscreen the game is perfect

very very very cool game, i cant seem to click on the "items" though, so i cant really progress :( very very cool game though, love the characters and artstyle and music and dialogue

very fun!! reminds me of that flash game puzzle platformer, continuity. very cool concept, good art, nice music

i did not expect to be dragged out of my dwelling at midnight to be ridiculed and ashamed by a knock-off basil into joining their forest village but life is unexpectable

Please don't do this creator, but do change the ambiance to the circus theme for the clown using an game to get going.
-Sincerely, he who hath searcheth femboy