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lovely :)

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! From the visuals to the story, this is probably one of the best games I have ever played! Just enough story that you sorta understand what's going on in the different stories, but enough of a lack that everything still maintains it's vagueness!! The puzzles are intuitive yet easy, the platforming really exciting and fun, and the environment, oh the environment! Oustanding!! If I weren't broke, I'd definitely buy this!

Small issue though, in the bottom-left path, on the 2x2 moving platform stage where you try to avoid the pink squares, jumping sometimes launches you really far, but other than that, perfect game!! 

very fulfilling solve! fun!!


what does "see you in 43 years" mean?? thats aint a toy as far as im aware

great game tho

never have i ever hated the shift button more

so goddamn cute it is unbelievable

the IRS is famous for it's body-horror aura

i got 42.81993!!

i got 42.8697!! 

very fun! the controls are a bit weird, but nothing too bad!

i found the names of the quality settings and spidor the funniest lmao great game spidor/10

i like the style

vvery cute

scary as always bestie :D

also what is that music in the background? i like it

what message?? i did the exact same things as you and all i got is a pocket of lint and dust??

great job now i have a traume of rongald mcdongald

(great game tho, as scary as it is funny, and i shat myself)

damn this a pretty ass website

the font is good too


now im stuck with a caveman figurine, the blue giraffe, and two stars bc i cant get the third one

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nevermind im dumb lol

now i need help because i have stuff which dont relate to puzzles i dont know the answers to or even know how to get the answers of

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okay ive gotten something finally, but the answer to the building painting in front of room 1 needs 5 and the metal thing i got only has 4. i need help as i am as rock as a dumb.

stuck in the second room ;-; cool game though! reminds me of another escape room game on android!

this was a really nice game!! lots o spooks where i panicked lol, but i managed. i found the dying animation really funny too

overall 10/10 would use my life insurance to back on kickstarter but no money



good game though, very good

I really like this game! good music, good artstyle, the front room gave me vietnam flashbacks to ddlc, good 10/10! looking forward to buying the full version.

i also got very stuck because i didn't realise I had to give the fish the cereal.

NIce game, artstyle good, gameplay good, music good, solid 8/10!

This is so cool!! I love the weird realistic images sewn together in the game, the learning curve isn't that steep, the audio is amazing, 10/10 my kind of game!

very good:







100/10 game, would recommend to family and friends. hopefully, there will be a sequel!

I really liked this!! All the way from the storytelling, to the visuals, this was a marvel of a game! The music was very lovely, the dialogue was great, and the vibe was cozy! Very high quality!

Never mind, I didn't have to! Anyways, this was a great game! I loved the art style, the jazzy detective-themed music is immaculate! Overall great game!

How do i combine the battery, cassette and tape recorder? I am very uneducated in the ways of old

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I really liked this! Fun gameplay, good storytelling, great music, and good design! The Bike minigame was really fun, looking forward to the full release! The grammar in the dialogue for English was a bit off, though, but this is just a demo after all!

i laughed, my first interaction was

How's the family?

What family?

*they make out*

I pressed some random buttons which allowed me to have two-player, which is cool and all, but how do I revert it to single-player?

This game is very nice, the visuals, music, and gameplay is amazing, however, a cool addition would be a dagger or knife at the start to represent those that have daggers instead of swords!

best dog ever

It appears I am a dumbass

How do you play the game? All I see is a folder that leads to LD37 which leads to Assets, Datas, and Project settings folders, and a notepad for Bosca Ceoil something