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nice collection

nice game, hope youll make a bigger game of it

looks like a fantastic game, but its real hard. I wish there was a trainer... :) but like that it has the 80s vibes of gaming.

same here, tried it on Mega65 C64 Core, but I get only blue screen :/

cool game!

nice game, i like it.

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Cool game, real fun. Challenging but not too hard. Finished the game today. 

omg I loved that game so much! Thank you! At the ending I had some tears im my eyes... <3

nice Game. Even i I never joined a video game community, its fun interacting with the characters and let the story evolve :)

what engine did you use?

Its a very good game, it feels nice, has a good soundtrack, the sprites are cute and the gameplay is great. 


very nice

using of the buttuns is not optimal. For example "shooting" on button B while using the crank for movement doenst work well. The game could use the d-pad for all special events like shooting and the crank for movement...

All in all: good desing nice graphics :) Fun to play

nice and fun game. I liked the short story very much

true. since that report is > 1 year old i guess the devteam wont fix it?

very good graphics and overall design. Good game

lol fun

haha, nice idea. There is only one level?

super nice game.

Cool game, its a lot of fun to play it!

cool game. It reminds a bit of Super Meat Boy. And yes, its challenging. FUN!

The game is really well done. Good graphic and soundtrack. Its very hard and one needs much concentration and pixel perfect joystick movement. I dont get very far, but i'm training :)

Very nice Adventure game that is not too hard to solve. Good Graphic and Music on Commodore 64. I played the Point and Click Edition.

well this is a nice experience. I like the idea and the design. Thank you! Now I know what Ill do next new years day. Folding a boat to let go...

awesome game!

I wonder how long the battery lasts.

Modded Gameboy with IPS Screen and Clean Juice battery.

I just finished it, and it worth every minute playing. Such a great story !

is it even possible to win?

Hello, the readme and also the handbook do not mention how one could defend the "eye" card (Donsol). I guess its impossible?
Beside of that great game btw!

I was looking for a game for halloween season, and I must say this game has everything I expected: its fun, entertaining, gory, surprising, spooky. Its rich packed with story twists and absurd ideas. I love it!

very cute ♥

I like the game


Oh I love it, its soo cute :D

nice game, i like it :D

Im loving this game. Thank you so much!

nice one.

Will there be a print?

Also have no audio on linux. (Ubuntu 20.04) Is there a way to get audio?