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ahh it was so incredibly beautiful, i cried so many times while playing it and i just know that it won't leave my mind for a while. i loved every life they've had together and i like to imagine what happened in other ones, that wasn't; shown in the game. immaculate work, i will definitely think of this game fondly, i'm looking forward to playing other Crescence Studio's works<3

it was so good!! loved playing the demo<3

ahh, i've not played the whole thing yet, but i already love this so much!! the characters are so adorable and the writing as well as art is so incredible<3 i will definitely come back for more!!

ahhh, i've loved this game so much!! ash is so cute and eden is too, i adore the way they support each other<3 amazing work!!

ahh, i've had such a good time playing this game. i laughed so many times and cried near both endings (i'm weak okay). both of the love interest were so likeable but i genuinely loved mc's personality the most!! incredible work<3

i wasn't able to play the whole demo yet, but so far it has been such an amazing and extraordinary experience!! the art, writing, music, sounds and voices are all so well done. there's not a single thing i don't like about that game (maybe loosing hurts a little, but i'm just a sore loser lmao). english is not my first language, so i lack of words, but i really enjoyed playing it and i'm grateful that i was able to experience "A Villain's Heart". i will definitely come back for more, good luck!!<3

aaach such an amazing demo, can't wait for more! great job<3

i've just finished nathan's route and it was such an amazing experience. the love interests, guild members and sweet animals won over my heart completely. thank you for giving us an opportunity to play something so incredible. also, potato's route? i'm screaming right now, because i loved when he flirted with mc and other guild members. i will definitely look forward to his dlc and your other games!

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just finished playing the last route and ahh it's been such an amazing time!! all the characters won over my heart and romantic epilogues were so cute, it was amazing to see them all develop so much! i will definitely play many times again, thank you for making such an incredible game<3

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ahh it's such an amazing game! i haven't played the Lonan's route yet but i've just finished playing Galvin's one and i've had so much fun! the art, the characters and the plot is incredibly well-made, i couldn't stop myself from finishing it! thank you for making such an wonderful game, extraordinary work!!<3

finished playing william;s route and!! ahh it's such an amazing game, love interests and side characters are so likeable!! and don't event get me started on how adorable kira is! thank you for your hard work, can't wait to play it many times again in the future!!

aaa its such an amazing and cute demo!! i loved every minute of playing it, can't wait to see how game progress. thank you for making something so incredible!! <3

due to personal reasons (micah being the only man ever) i will be passing away
i adore this so much and i will replay this game many times for sure!! thank you for your hard work<3