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It's not the only one, this has been happening for years.

Until enough people play it and antiviruses get enough data on the app to asume it is "safe", it gets flagged as a virus.

Most likely a false positive, this is a very common issue with "unknown apps"

No, there is not.

Patreon builds grant early access to our latest content.

The final version of the game will be released in Steam, aiming for 2023 for that release.

You can already Wishlist Aurelia on Steam:

Thanks for the kind words Dark.

Aurelia is build on GameMaker 1.4.9999

You can usually find the save files "C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Aurelia"

Good luck.

Emelie best girl

We will release on Steam once the game is finished (likely end of this year/start of next year):

Thanks Lyvius, much more to come : )

Sure, go ahead.

I'm aware, we'll try to get that bug fixed soon!

Thanks : )

There's likely some audio compatibility problem with your device, this is the first time I get this error reported

The xmas release was a special event and it's content will come inside v24, which will be later public.

There will likely be some new additions, but we won't deviate greatly into fetish/kink stuff.

It's close to done, but there's still a sizeable amount of content left to add.

Thanks Sneky! Much more to come : )

Enjoy the festivities.

I don't know mate, I'm not there to check on your device specifically and there could be a billion answers.

My phone for example is below those specs and runs the game with nothing more than the occasional hiccup.

That quote is a joke, if it's force stopping it's likely because your phone doesn't have enough memory avaliable.

Yes, it'll be for end of development. 


We do plan to expand on Ohro's Mask to justify it's price/grind in the future.

Thanks Tyson, It's unlikely that we'll add these fetishes/kinks into Aurelia.

Hopefully we'll have the steam release ready somewhere around next year.

Surprise dick!

The game isn't build with the itch client in mind, so It's completely out of our control if it works or not.

Windows does that for many apps it considers "unknown", as a preventive security measure.

Yes, the game has an autosave feature that saves on the start of every conversation.

Meaning if you're in the middle of a scene and you close up, you'll get to open up that scene from the beginning again.

Emergency exit is already in the game, pressing Esc twice closes it inmediatelly.

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You didn't collect them all, Luna doesn't give you one but points you to one.

They are dropped by bosses, being Vampire, Fox Girl and Fire Golem respectfully.

There are some scenes left, but not many.
Those characters questlines are mostly complete.

Depends on the character and questline, but all characters have at least 1 animations, with the only exception being Ivy.

Chests spawn with different qualities, wood (50% of them), iron (30% of them) and gold (20% of them)

Only wooden chests can be "trapped".

Mimics have a 15% chance of spawning ONLY on wooden chests.

So, for every individual chest (assuming you open them all) there's only a 7% chance for that chest to spawn a mimic.

TL;DR - You unlucky as fuck dude : D


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Game Start Screen > Top left buttons> 3rd one
The one that has an [ 𝑖 ] inside.

The dungeon is in fact, endless.
It's content "ends" at Floor 28th (by finding Melkor)

"A handsome reward for a task well performed."

You can find your saves at /data/data/Aurelia and swap them between devices.

*Some android devices need to be rooted to access that location.

They certainly inspired some of our team : )

We certainly wanted to avoid the whole "creepy dude" thing.

On the bright side, your sister has a beautiful name : P