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Thank you for your positive feedback, I'm glad that you enjoyed playing my game. In fact that has inspired me to have a go at fixing the issues with the migration to GBstudio 3 and I have started work on it. I might make some minor changes as well and then hopefully if I can get it all to work I will publish the update as .gb, . pocket and html as well.

Thank you for your suggestion.  I hadn't thought of that.  I have a little problem however, when I migrate the project to GB Studio 3 a lot of the control objects and methods I was using no longer work or create so much lag as to make the game unplayable. I will have a think about whether I go through and rebuild it or look to start a whole new project.

Thanks for message :) just in case you haven't tried it there is a good android gameboy emulator called John GBC that I use myself to play this an other games on my phone. (i think it has a free version) as for a full android port; it is something I could do but am struggling to find time for projects at the moment so its not likely at this time.