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Very slow game, everything takes ages to move and progress, unfortunately for me, the game was too boring even to finish :/ 
The progress of the game was just too slow and boring. 

OMG dude, the game was great, short but amazing and scary, nice jumpscares ahahah 
really enjoyed it :) 

Cool little game. I wish it was a little longer and more story, but for free it was decent. 

Amazing game ! 

Sry, cant enjoy the game because of fish eye effect camera, made me sick, and no option to turn it off :/ 

Really a good game, thank you, and its free OMG 

Very good game :) 

will there be ENG soon ? 

great game ,very good 

amazing game 🤗

amazing game,if not one of the best 3d/visual novel  games i played ,the character details are if not the best i seen 10/10 

For me THE BEST like visual novel game ,whit the best style i ever seen I can easy imagine like a full like 5-6-7 hour game ,Amazing characters ,It was a long time i really enjoy a game like this
All the best

Very very nice game dude :) I rally enjoyed it ,very nice story and characters
i did not have time to play it in 1 sitting,so i recorded in 4 parts
Here is the video if any one want to see it

Cool game ,hard choices
Link if any want to see the gameplay :)

I pess thx,
This games requires JAVA lol
It is 2016 no one any more have java
I will not download that just for this game

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Very niceeeeeee game I really want now like a full like 10-15 hours game story ahah :D
And here is the video ,if any one want to see

Great game Because game did not have in side music ,i added some ,i hope you will like it :)

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Here is the video ,sry for the late :) The DEMO is really short ,but it was nice

Amazing game dude.Really nicely done ,i really enjoy it :)
Cant wait for full game
I am currently busy to upload a video on you tube ,i am gona try to upload it i 1-2 days :) Again nice work