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cool graphiscs and sounds! However it;s hard to control that little falla especially rotation.

nice level design!!
maybe try for walking and turning arround, using grab hold with left hand and then track distance of the hand in X Y Z (you can crunch) from the point you started fist gestrue?? Like with the controll stick...

awesome gameplay!! - i wanted to do something similar at the beginig...
only thing is that i had to flip my Leap Motion controler vertically othervise it's imposible to play

Sorry, i forgot to upload versions for Mac and Linux
You can download them from here:

wow!! thats awesome!! reactable is ntohing compare to this!!

too bad theres no option to reply on comments... Anyway, thank you for your appreciation. It means much to me :)

The end details and making your app work from begining to the end without any hickups is the worst part of work.
There is always something that doesnt work propperly, like the lightning bolt that sticks to the fairy root which near her feet :)
I just hope that the game balance is fine - hard to find the right spot.

I don't know if i can upload more files with latest version of the game?