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I don't know how you did it but this game is amazing!  Sometimes the controller isn't accurate but it's still very fun. The controller connection is so cool!

same, the title doesn't even come fully onto the screen.

Amazing game! It was fun to play with friends and just challenging enough.

I played it right after I posted the comment and found the other objects.

Thank you!

I entered the game but can't interact with anything. My select button is j and I pressed it around everything in the starting area but nothing happened. Clicking also doesn't work.

This is a cool idea but I don't think it would work in a group of friends that are all in the same voice call because it's clear that the person talking isn't the skin that is alive. However, this would be a really interesting idea for public games where people aren't talking to each other.

Nice pre-alpha! It looks great, can't wait to see more.

Adorabe game! If there isn't one already, please make an arcade (neverending) version.