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You are not the first. ;)

It's already running in the page, you can hit the Expand button in the bottom right of the tool's frame to make it bigger. :)

Huzzah! :D

That's super weird, since I developed and tested it in Chrome.  Which fields are you trying to edit, and where are you clicking?

I'll have to dig into the code and figure out what's what.  It's... been a while since I opened up this project.

You can take out the XP tracker by clicking its ticky box in the first segment.  I think you could just slot in the Marvel stress tracks as a list under a category of Stress, unless I'm missing something, there (I never played MHR).

Essentially.  There are a few minor edits, the most significant is my byline.  Otherwise, it's the same game.

If you click on the Expand button for a trait set, the editor reveals a field called List.  It either takes a number for how many blanks you want or a comma-separated list. :)

Such a solidly designed and elegantly written game, nimbly tackling difficult material with grace and insight. 

It's a "we all learn together" sort of deal.  Technically the GM could go in completely cold, but it'd be better if the GM read through the adventure before running it.

This is glorious.

I had to do the line-command permissions edit that's listed above the comments section of this page.  After that, it worked fine.

OMG you guys this game totally made me cry.  In a good way!

I've played so many "trash this planet to get what you want" buildy games and this was the perfect antidote to the slightly dirty feeling I'd get afterwards.  Absolutely love imagining this game as "coming back" to those planets I trashed in other games and patching things up again.  Love that when I'm done, I pack up and leave the planet in peace.

(I did hit the weird permissions hiccup but once I relearned line commands everything worked fine.)