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how about being able to search multiple tags at the same time?

i just read the title... so where's the horor tag?

ending 3 and 4 are too messed up especially if you open the locket  °__°

(but i reaaaally loved the game, a masterpiece)

i did pass by the plant fields first and the gard told me i didn't have a permit, but i didn't think about going to saeka-wa asking for one (cause there were a lot of other places where i didn't have the right to access, so the fact that i could get a permit didn't occur to me) so i just went to Tolbana without speaking with saeka-wa first.

Ps: i really liked the game good job (y) and thanks for the replies ^^ (hope im not annoying you)

oh and the game crashes when i try to quick save while talking to vixen, and there are some vendors who sell "empty slot?" : the slot is blank, it costs 0 col and i can find it in my inventory, also it does nothing apparently (not really sure if these empty slots are bugs or some kinda secret)

i talked to viktoria first before saeka-wa and she acted as if i already talked to him and asked where is his gift , i didn't have anything at the moment and she acted as if she received it and continued the conversation then gave me the packet to give to saeka-wa. when i went to saeka-wa he talked to me as if i wasn't already carrying vixen's gift and told me to give her a packet, so now vixen is no longer at the inn and i still have the gift saeka-wa told me to give her

got another link from the post below, thanks problem solved

the download doesn't start

it crashed for me too i wanna send the crash report but don't know how