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Love the idea, and it looks amazing! 

We got a little silly with it for sure :) Thanks for checking it out!

I don't think I get it. I'm following that you're exploring a murder scene and maybe you're the killer, but what's with the dying after a minute thing? I found pills that gave me some extra time but I'm not clear on why.

This one made my wife cry. I contend it's because of the emotionally manipulative music and voice clips, but she cried all the same. I love the lighting and world design, and the hand drawn character portraits are beautiful. The balloon bringing you back up when you fall off was a wonderful surprise! And great job with the companion AI. Those monster sounds, though...

Love the look and the concept! It's hard to control the landings. Not sure if I missed something telling me I had to eat from the feeders before I could bomb things, so it took me a while to figure out. The crash animation is great.

Oh wow, I love the art style! I had a little trouble figuring out what to do with the fork, and then with the clock, but everything was so pretty I never wanted to give up.

Mouse cursor is invisible on the menu in this build, but it's active. Just go outside the window to find your cursor and aim for the button when you go back in, you should be able to click it.