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Mircea Kitsune

A member registered Dec 20, 2016

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Very nice and relaxing little game, was a fun 30 minutes. Hope it can be further expanded on and developed, I can see the concept going places. Managed to get well over 1.000.000 score which is good enough for me.

Haha: He's the one that brought me to this game too and I then decided to get it.

This is definitely different from the majority of games you find these days... in a good way obviously. I rarely go ahead and buy a game I see on Youtube but this one I did, and I definitely don't regret it!

Only two things I wanted to bring up, if the developers will reads this. First of all, as a Linux user, I'd appreciate a native Linux version... especially since you appear to be using Unity which I believe can export a Linux runtime. I was able to run it okay on WINE but this can introduce glitches and slowdowns.

Other than that, I bought with the hope that it's going to be further developed and improved. I don't mind if it won't be and this was all there is, but would feel much more happy if that's your plan. This is something really good so far and I feel that good can be even further expanded upon. Thank you for reading and for creating this.

Ah, good to know. I thought this was coded natively in HTML5 / JS... it would be awesome to see an engine like this there :)

This is amazing! Would sure love to see an engine like this released at a later stage... much fun could be had with it.

Wow... this is really good! I did not expect someone to remake the UT battle system so well in JavaScript / HTML5. Will you be making your engine available?