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maybe you can get inspiraton by playing nextdoor

ow sorry its in development   i didn t saw that  take your time and i am very sorry

the game is tomie

when i enter i don t find the download button

when is part two 

when is part two 

when is part two 

when is part two 

first comment

my nose is telling me that your preparing a brend new game a big project  i don t knew i just smelled that

and thanx for the first one  very  scary or should i say spooky

ok  but can i ask you how much time took for the first  if you don t want to reply its okey

that was  spooky and strange

i don t get it

that jumpscare at the end  was so scary or shouldd i say spooky  yeah i made the  20/20  whith 1 heart

bon merci de m avoir répondu  a la prochaine   

minutes minutes pourquois le titre est franscais mdr  bon soit vous aimez le francais soit vous etes des francais

i have made a word like bacn but it s not making sence sow there will be othere characters whith like one world that the play don t knew  aha!

and the story is just mind blowing

wow the artstyle of the game reminds me of the last door game nicework

now i can play it yeah i didn t play it untill you respond haha

wow thanx   laura hunt  now i am  in peace cause i was.... like i really wanted to knew thanx anyway

well i have a questions why a b c and n   ?  is it justee like that you wanted that or...

lmao i was thinking the main character is a male because it looks like a male  and if everyone disagrying me it s okay it s just a game afterall  any way you made  a very good work and yes i don t want to knew how much time  you took for it bu t it s took a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery  long time i think

how to say i have juste 112go of 150

i just downloaded like a 300mo gameit s normal nothing happenned but neverrmind great work afterall

i have a 4 giguabyte computer whith  just some games and i have 2go of space at least maybe i don t have the graphique card .... it s how to say crypting

yeah that how i love games whith a story i realy hate playing onligne games  and i feel guilty that i didn t payed cause if i hade money i assure you i will pay for the game gladilly i will make a  paypal card just sow i could pay for your games and then i will feel comfortable

maybe i have an idea for your third could it be a game that never ends like altos adventure in play store it s not necessery to be a running game just a game where you can  relax after a hard work   i assure you that this gamewill rlaxe you untill you will be  feeling that your in the game and do you know what it will not take much longer i assure you

or not  i don t knew ...

i understand how it hard to make a game don t hurry just take 1 years or maybe three ... however you want

now i understand sow sorry 

nevermind i finished the game  and i saw in  arcad gamea poster of your neww game and i was wow ow sow sow that cool


why why did you done that  deleted.... and how could it be  for the best 

or the player will get bored remaking it 

make a save game pls

a small step for you a big step for your career

any way  everything  begin whith a small thing so continuous getting better and better  and you will see how everything will comme to you and  your team