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okey i will follow you deserved it and well done don t stop doing this great things and fullfillinf your dreams

me betta tester

you you have a brilliant way to success i am sure abou that just work harder you will get there and thanx for this game sometimes games like this are needed more then like big project as like gta just simple and good 

so lets see i got ending 1 nature the ending 2 self defence then ending three kinship  ending 5 commonsence true ending for me since the guy would break up the loop if "me" the driver just ignoreed the "you" which is number8 tne i got ending 6 bitterness then ending 7 thoughtless the ending 8-1 denial ending 9 complexe ending 10 karma ending 11 break and lastly ending 13 tethered

(4 edits)

i got the tenth ending  karma and 6other endings  the karma one is the good ending for me cause well bad people don t deserve to leave even if for me even the me character is a bad person for doing that

edit....  i got tethered ending wooooow

you wil buy "him" lmao

got 11 but that ss it hmm what abou y all guys

edit i got all seven

got only 6

okey this one is more difficult lol

dude i played the two other episode at a point in episode two i almost finished the puzzle blocks but it was too hard now i don t knew if i lost my progress in armorgames website

actually theire are other alternative finals like did you saw the monster of the see  i think its a sort of ending theire too

naah you actually won

once you knew the trick its pretty ez actually heheh i got the 10round guns used it in final challenge hehehe what about you?

this game fiils comedic it reminds of a game where theire was a knight that ordered a pizza but his castle is too big so he faces some  problems he was a sort of a king but also a knight 

theires is an exact game like this one called resurgent like so much things in just like 4mb or 10 like wow

that s pretty cool esspecially upgrading your pixel skills i think theire is another graphic stage for pixel but theire is some work....

what is the limits of the game will it have 1go or 500 mo

i played a game like this in armor games but way more longer and a lot of puzzles and items etc and he was in a sort of hell

somehow a sheap recognized the guy that after he gets out  he have no energy but somehow a sheap recognize him and then he never spoke about his accident

can t wait to play this  cool sick game i mean good job  whith the creativity i just ended playing it and what s is the faith of the pilot ddo he die  so if he didn t die i have a  continuing story for your game he bring the two oxygene bottle whith him and wear his swim suit and somehow he survived from that monster and now he have é hours to escape from the water dunjon


WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENT  i have a windows 7 4graù and 3gh/s  aand do i need direct x and c++framwork i am too lay to download that stuff and what s the graphique equirements   and my graphic handle is 6.1 sooow what do you think ms dev

the game is pretty fun and it reminds me of resurgent but theire is a great problleme theire is no save game buton so pls add it other then that i shall say its a masterpiece

i ama so so so so exited  i followed you and your games are juste amazing     though you should make a game in kickstarter so people donate you money to make better games like a big project you need 10000dollars go to kickstarter-

i sure will download the full version but right now i need a bank card hehehe and it will take time since i never knew the use of it

thank you kind team

just the time to learn python its simple 

if you can wait some time sow i join you  some time means 2years and half



the queen and the beast????? or what ever was the name of the movie is that  a reference

nah me too because the textes are not you knew

but liek how much 100mo is it free or shall we pay i will pay if it take that

ikwoow bu but how the garage thing how did you pass it its the impossible

ikwoow bu but how the garage thing how did you pass it its the impossible

maybe this game could neever end like you knew and maybe make it a little pay to win


maybe you can get inspiraton by playing nextdoor