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Love it so far!!!

Thank you!!! :)

Not sure if its just me or not. But I can't download to windows

Love it so far!!! Oswin is such a cutie. He better not run from my love lol.

Love it so far!!! Can't wait for an update!

I love it so far, but I swear I will ball like a baby if that dog dies. 😭

I love this so much!  Can't wait for an update. Your writing is wonderful with a lot of detail which I love!

I'm so invested already!!!!

Done replayed this twice and that's saying something. I don't reread books or replay games unless I can put over 100hrs into. Absolutely love this story! It's my top favorite on here.

I really loved this. I do hope you plan to write more!

Love it!!!!

Love it and can't wait for more!!! 

Why are so many good ones dropped and so many bad ones completed?! :'(

Love it!!!! Can't wait for more!

Hello! I love your story! Hope this isn't a stupid question, but how do I get access to the full novel instead of demo? I'm new to this website and don't know how to work patreon either. Or is it not complete yet?

Can't wait for more!!!! Amazing!!!