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Mirage Vitae

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It works fine for me, but maybe you had problem when you downloaded it? Try download again or maybe use another program to unpack it. I used 7zip and everything works fine.

It was nice and a little silly game, but I like it. Backgrounds and characters looks pretty. Music was fine too, but I feel sad, that we don't really know anything about characters and their life. I know it supposed be a short game, but still I really want to know more about them ^-^

I really wish the game had a save and load feature, because Skip option was... really weird, but well, it's a nice game anyway!

Oh my... I really enjoyed this game! At first I was a little afraid that it will be another typical story with BL , but I was wrong!
Story was mega nice for me to read. I just loved this little details like words that I don't know has links to its meanings. For someone it's nothing, but for me it was really nice thing, especcialy when English it's not my nativ language and some of words was not understable for me. So it's really nice detail.

The music... For the love of Fate, I just love it so much. It was amazingly good for all atmosphere. I don't know how to decribe how much I love it. Even when I ended game I was listening to it.

Right now I'm only sad that I found this game so late! Really amazing job!