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Any plans for functional keyboard controls in the final version? I don't own a controller and tried to play the demo, but a lot of basic things just didn't function, and I couldn't find any settings to fix it. The game looks great, so I'm hoping I'll be able to actually play it when it comes out.

Revenance is a really great throwback to classic survival horror. I really hope it gets finished because this has a ridiculous amount of potential. 

I went into this game expecting to really enjoy it as a short, free horror experience, and I'm surprised to be disappointed with it. Everything about it is aesthetically perfect, but my biggest problem is the monster. The fact that it can arbitrarily one-shot you, combined with the fact that you can neither outrun or outmaneuver it, kind of ruined things for me. On top of that, having to replay everything every time I died really killed the pacing for me. The first time around the game was very suspenseful and creepy, but every time after that just became waiting for another chance at fixing the breaker box again.

You guys are clearly a talented team of devs (or are you a solo dev? I'm not sure), but I couldn't bring myself to go back through ten minutes of menial tasks just to get killed in one hit for the third time in a row. 

I'll still be looking forward to whatever you make next.

I'm so glad to see this updated. The 0.00 build left a big impact and I was really disappointed when it started to look like it was abandoned.

This version is also DRM-free, if that matters to you.

Hi, beta tester here, it appears Sixe has gone largely radio silent apart from the occasional tweet. Personally I think it's because he's trying very hard to get the game ready for the planned mid-2020 release window, but I'm not Sixe so take my theories with a grain of salt.

Are there any crash fixes for this game? No matter what I do I can't seem to get it to run properly. As soon as I click the start button it just stops responding immediately. It's a shame because I was really excited to play this. I can tell just by looking that it's probably great though, so keep up the good work.

why has the game been removed from the Google Play Store?

I'm gonna assume this is based on Lumpy Touch's Garfield Gameboy'd series, and therefore I'm gonna assume I'll enjoy it.

Beat the demo in around 12 minutes. I have to say this is a pretty impressive game so far. Pretty much all the issues I had are either personal preference issues (for example, I think the game would be a bit more immersive if you didn't see the protagonist's hand when using the axe, I just think it looks kinda weird) or issues that the dev has already stated will be fixed (a lot of the hospital feels a bit barren). I'm excited to see this get finished.

I haven't been able to beat the game yet because I can't access the inventory and look at the book or whatever I picked up, but even so I'm pretty impressed with this, given it's an alpha. I have yet to experience a bug that someone else hasn't pointed out. My only real issues are that the attack range is hard to figure out, some enemies attack too fast to block, and I still can't figure out where the inventory button is. I feel like there should at least be on of those "this button does this" screens at the beginning of the game. With some refinement, the combat could be pretty great. As any survival horror veteran will tell you, combat should be a bit janky so that you dread fighting enemies, but the combat here is just slightly over the line and becomes frustrating at times. I'll update this little semi-review once I figure out how to get the end of the demo. Keep up the great work!

I think the reason I like this game so much is because it was clearly made by someone who loves and understands survival horror. This is a truly scary experience, and it doesn't need anything even vaguely similar to jumpscares. The introduction of the first monster freaked me right out, and that atmosphere remained until the very end. Item management was basically perfect. The ending was a bit lackluster but beyond that, I'd say this was pretty amazing, especially for a free game.

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I'll be honest, I haven't actually finished the demo yet (I can't find the door I have to unlock with the key from Haskel's room or whatever his name is), but thus far this seems like a really solid foundation. I'm intrigued by the potential for the story and combat, although the enemies so far have been way too easy. I also wish that the main character moved a bit faster. Maybe add a sprint button that consumes stamina over time? I can't think of any complaints beyond that, and I'm very excited for the final product. Don't give up!

[POST-COMPLETION EDIT] Alright, having finally finished the demo, I can give some more definitive critiques. I still don't have much negative to say that I haven't said already; the player character walks frustratingly slowly, and combat is kinda boring. That's pretty much all the bad stuff I can think of. I'd say my favorite parts of the demo were the forest town of shadow people and the Loser Room. Those two areas have some high-tier atmosphere, but in totally separate ways, demonstrating the flexibility of the developer in this regard. I'm also excited to see the story unfold; the little that was revealed in the demo got me really engaged. Like I said before, keep up the good work and don't give up.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm really excited for this to be finished. I think that the artistic direction it seems like you're going has a lot of potential, and I'm already seeing a lot of interesting potential for the plot, as well. If this  ever gets finished it could easily be one of my favorite Yume Nikki fangames. Keep up the good work!