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love the concept and interface! :D great work!

Absolutely loved this and , it would be great to see it developed further with some narrative events! I was hoping some of my dwarves would get super drunk and start a brawl! :-o

well done. I played for a solid 5-6 minutes!

Well done on your first completed game!

This is awesome, the essence of a clicker game!

cheers for playing and commenting! :)

thanks very much :)

Looks intriguing!!

anyone here visited https://www.reddit.com/r/incremental_games/ ?

It's a pretty active community and they sometimes have amazing ideas on what makes a good incremental game.

First game jam here, looking forward to it.

Anyone else using Construct for this gamejam? Personally I'd love to get more out of this in the way of learning some new skills but one way I do it is by helping others.

I've been using Construct for a while and have made some clicker prototypes previously. Would love to share tips if anyone is really stuck and doesn't know where to start.