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very well put together. the music and art make the game that much deeper

excellent time killer

Spicy shit my dudes

hard at times but still hella fun!

fun game, wish it would get updated

Remember not to hit the " R " key, you'll fucking rage.

I hope someday there will be some updates. It's hilarious

I gotta make a new video on this soon :p

This was AWESOME, so funny!

We need some updates!

getting the concave is the key to growing

the music is amazing

I'll have to do another one!

This is incredibly fun even as it is and will just get better! Thanks for your hard work! :D

More challenging than I thought

haha this is a ton of fun, hoping to make more videos of it <3

such a fun game :D more levels plz

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This was way harder than I thought it would be but I did end up getting pretty big

Cant wait to finish, I just gotta believe!

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I mostly got lazy cuts but I had fun with it. Thanks!

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This is great! I thought it was a great challenge :D