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If this demo works fine on linux, where is the linux version on steam?

The Demo works great on Linux. Man i wish this had multiplayer! Awesome game though.

This game so far is amazing, and i cannot wait until the second episode is released. I played through this on Manjaro Linux running Proton GE 8-20, and it ran so smooth. I would love to see a native linux client in the future though. You can watch my play through on my youtube channel here. Keep up the great work Adam!

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Could you compile a Linux version as well? I know Unreal 5 has that feature. Here is what it looks like on Linux running with WINE.

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Episode one was amazing. Do you think it would be possible to have Unreal 5 compile a native linux version? i tried running it in Proton, and it does run, but however the frame rate was really bad. I would love to be a tester of a Native build on Linux. Thanks! I bought a few copies of your game and sent them to a few friends. I can't wait for episode 2. I also just purchased your previous game on Steam, and am about to play that. Thanks for doing what you do!

The game does not delete itself in Linux via Wine.

Linux version is working great on Manjaro.

Will there be a Linux version?

It is working great on Linux Mint 19.1 64bit

Thank you for the Linux version!

Thank you!

Could we get a Linux version please?