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Every time i click new game it closes the game anyone know what to do? And i can't play this game because of that reason

good game im too bad at gaming that i havent beaten the game lol

I can still pause the game but thats it.

Boodunnit?! community · Created a new topic help

So when i found a clue in the game the screen for when you found a certain clue was stuck on my screen. How do i uhm like unfreeze it

After a while of messing around with things i found out how to open and close it when i open another window

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I found out how to fix it :D very fun game i say :]
EDIT: Is this actually a game though?

I like this game a lot :D only problem i have is about the colors. The colors kept changing every time i switched tools or something. Now i can't change the color back to black because now it's stuck as grey.

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The game won't let me close it ;-; i tried launching it but it didn't open so i decided to close it but when i tried to force close it and quit it it didn't let me

EDIT: I even uninstalled it and installed it again and it still doesn't work

I always do

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Hmm alright

EDIT: I see like 5 files so which one

Thank you :]

after about 10 minutes of clicking buttons i found out how to move :)

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I know how to move left and right but not forwards and backwards

EDIT: I also figured out how to hold things UvU

what are the controls? game didn't tell me

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Game just needs to have more dogs then its complete lmao
edit: please add more doggosss

fr 4 dogs isnt enough we need more

The game told me not to open my eyes so i kept them closed for the whole game. Now i'm blind in the game and i can't speak. Fun game but kinda creepy i love it

I hope so too i really want this to be in mac too TvT

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Damn how i wish this thing could also be for mac

EDIT: i want all of samperson's projects to be for mac(not desktop goose because it already is) TvT

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why am i doing this to myself

EDIT: Yes i will do this again

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How do you start the game? The install instructions don't help that much

EDIT: Oh wow first comment lets gooo

EDIT: Second edit :p and this game is apparently was published 6 hours ago before i downloaded it and commented

EDIT: again im editing this message because i wanted to just say that im using a mac for this and i should just reply or comment instead of editing my message a ton of times

then how do i play it

I wish this game was for mac TvT everything seems so great i wanna download it so bad

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this game was NOT what i was expecting- fun game though but the music just scared me lol

EDIT: i've only gotten 2 endings TvT i ask for help on the endings stuff

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EDIT: Sorry caps ;-;

What are the two endings you got? If you wanna get different endings try choosing different options for everytime you play :)