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Thank you for playing the game! :D

I'm still new to pixel art, so I'm glad you like the 'giant pickle' weapon even though its supposed to be an 'green energy sword' 

I guess I need to brush up more on pixel art-ing xD

Thank you for trying it out! :D

This is a neat little rpg! I really like the dummies' design.

I think I found a bug. When I used C+ Maeshroom instead of recovering 25 SP it recovered 25 HP. Just to let you know.

Overall its all good :D

Oh! I didn't now about that. I just started using Godot. I always thought the console was always there. Thank you for the heads up and thank you for trying out my game. :D

Ah! My mistake for not specifying. currently its for Windows only. For the errors in the command prompt I'll look into that later. Thank you for pointing that out and trying out my game. I'm very new to game dev and I will try to improve in the future :D

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Game Title/URL: The Dungeon

Pitch/Information: You play as an adventurer in an unknown dungeon, trying to find an escape while fighting monsters along the way.

I'd like feedback on: Any feedback is welcome and will be greatly appreciated! :D

I really like the art style!  :D

I think adding music and sound effects would make the game much better but overall its a good platformer game.

I was overwhelmed by how many enemies that can spawn. It's pretty fun and challenging at the same time. Nice game :D

3 HRs! Would love more variation for pitches though but other than that its a great game.

The overall atmosphere of the game is great! I feel like I'm a kid again playing flash game :'D

The game feels nice to play. The player's movement feels a bit slow but that didn't bother me too much.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely try to do that :D