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This is good! Honestly I wouldn't say the best, but still it's really good for something that was only made in a few days. I haven't made it past Experiment 7, and I definitely agree with others on some balancing issues. There are some bugs I've seen while playing this...

The camera sometimes is slow to follow the blob and I can't see it at all, say if I were to launch it upwards from the movable flippers, leading to a death.

Also they move in such a way that I didn't intend; sometimes I'm moving it a bit clockwise and it just goes in the opposite direction.

...But hey, error is everywhere, right? You guys still did a great job! Keep up the good work Noa and Jonas!

48 days, to be exact lol

I didn't know that at all! I just completed this without any pausing, but great tip!

FREEDOM! Loved this!

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Just completed this! This is a really fun game. Good job Noa!

Level 6 is tough...sometimes I'm trying to move one heart and the wrong heart moves, but still very good game!

Vicious Wolf, thank you so much for the tip, that helped me complete the game as well!

True fax right there

I COMPLETED IT FINALLY!!! This is such a fun game. Great work Noa and Jonas!

I keep being teleported to the wrong checkpoint after I die...but otherwise great game and storyline!