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Minty Breeze

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Puppet Combo has blessed us with a another gem SO I HAD TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS!

Honestly I was highly impressed this game was super fun and intuitive.  I can't wait for EPISODE 2! I love RAMEN


But fr though I want a full version por favor!!

I knew retail could be scary but this took it to the next level.

What's guys its ya boy Minty And I'm playing this game for the first time and I had a blast.I'm definitely posting a part 2 to this game 

This game really threw me off a the end! Looking forward for the full game

i'M really impressed with this game looking forward for more.This is game very suspenseful great job

I gave this game a go because of dashiegames and I absolutely

love it!

Thumbs up from me I think that it's incredible that a team of devs came come together and bring a interesting piece to the horror game universe

I love being first lol

I know I'm so confused in my video but i really enjoyed this game haha it was so silly.i COMMEND THE CREATORS FOR THIS.You guys should definitely go more in depth with this concept.

I never knew i could read so eloquently sike jk lol I need to go back to english. But i'm enjoying the game so far . This is definitely a new type of horror where it bbrings you intense jumpscares through reading a diary and anxiety.
Here's my gameplay on it

MY boys I gavee it a go and let me know yall think 


tHIS GAME GIVEN ME ALL SORTS OF CONFUSION.....on the real though i feel like there could've been some actual scary monsters 

Yea the game was great i just had bad luck haha

Definitely a goofy title lmao you got me a lot with those comedic jumpscares!!

This game definitely caught me off guard. This is a well told story and brings awareness to depression suicide and how it's a very patient thing and takes time. I appreciate the creators for putting this out there .
Here my gameplay on it.

I totally didn't read the directions so i played the game wrong lmao. I'll probably make another video on it lol but this game gets me to create a gang of little fatties I'M ALL IN

wow the scenery in the first part was amazing .Overall you did amazing with the graphics.The story threw me off lol but i'm slow so don't mind haha 9/10 thanks brotha.

I couldn't even finish the game tbh because i got too scared haha.

come on matt you got me again haha. I love the story man 

man all i know is that creature was fast af lol. Thanks reeves for this one 

obs studio

I'm definitely looking forward to the full game now but that jumpscare got me lol