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I love this game, the story line is ajhsbfh asjgfhjsdgfhjsdghjsdg, and the art is [insert 5 ok hand emojis here-], i just don't now how to "Break the game" ;-;

AaAaAaA Yes. i Enjoy. Thanj.

Thank you for trying to help- unfortunately it still isn't working. It may just be my computer. :(

I was very exited to play this, but it won't run ;w;

AAAA This was really fun and cute! (Lucifer is a trans girl and nobody can tell me otherwise until proven.)

I love this game, the game is butter please am gay

Thank you!

This game is really relaxing, and cute. I only have one question- whats the max points you can get. Thank you for your time! Have a good day.

I uh...

My dysphoria is gone, my waters are cropped. THE AMOUNT OF GAY IN THIS GAYME IS AMGAYZING. Hope you have a good gay-day.

OWO WHATS THIS. The art is so cute!!! And the concept is amazing!! After I get through with the platform tutorial thing the screen goes white and I cant do anything else.

This is honestly SO CUTE. The art style is AMAZING, the storyline is so sad and cute and MY FEELINGS HURT. ;-;