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This game spoiled me. I have trouble finding another dating sim that is equally as good/ From the graphics to the 60+ Cgs (I am greedy about my Cgs,) everything was amazing. This is the first visual novel that actually made me care for everyone in the story.  Every route had a guy who made you understand what challenges they have to go through. Take Rod for example. Almost every dating sim will have this one guy who is cold towards you. What made Rod stand out was that he had a reason for not liking you. The protagonist was so cold she severed the bond with him and the rest of her family. Because she hurt him and his sister, he grew to dislike her which made the fix-your-family thing actually fun to do. Another route is Rumpel. He isn't just some flirt, but he is also way too kind to the point to becomes a flaw and he taught me that being too kind might be your downfall. 

The main character is also great. I loved her character development. Honestly when she learned that she had to be nice to get her curse broken, I just assumed, "Oh that's easy. She will just start being nice and have her curse broken in a week." Dicesuki proved me wrong. It actually showed how hard it was for the protagonist to stop being cold. It didn't switch her personality like a light switch. Instead, her had her do steps towards being a good person.

Again this game met my high standards and I want Dicesuki to do another visual novel that matches this game's style.

Great game! it was like reading a fanfiction lmao. My constructive criticism would be to draw the more of the characters in the story. I was a little disappointed that you didn't draw Malon/Talon/Oldman/Dark Link. Second I felt that some of the characters were drawn awkwardly (Except Link.  I liked how he was drawn.) Mostly Zelda and Erina were the ones who could use a bit more retouching. Lastly, I'm greedy for CGs. I want more than 3 sorry not sorry.

Okay that out the way, Let's focus on the good aspects of the story. I loved the way it's written and how you gave Link more of a personality (honestly I'm glad he isn't a quiet mute who has this perfect hero persona most people try to give him.) He is funny, witty, and has flaws which is great. I also like how our lovely protagonist isn't Ms. Perfect. I love how she is clever, but a horrible fighter. That makes her more charming and likeable. I can't stand perfect protagonists because I can't put myself in their shoes. Kietha also has a small feature to her that is able for me to relate to, but she also gets to be her own person. I applaud you for making a good protagonist. 

Okay I think I got everything I wanted to say out of the way. The story is short, sweet, and charming. I encourage you to make more fan-based stories like this. Go you! <3

Defeated this game for a second time and I still loved it! I am a huge fan of romance and not only was this game funny and entertaining, but it made my heart throb! The romance was so good and the characters are great (My favorite character was Toa; though I wish I could have more story to the 3 characters.)  I hope you can make more games (or make this a series because I will play it no questions asked.)

This is some of my favorite RPG games! I have yet to find someone who can math your style! Keep up the good work! <3