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hey great asset, i'll use it in my project! Do you have any clue when the future animations will be up ? anyway keep it up

Made my day! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

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Hey, question about your assets in general, cause i saw "Do not distribute any images generated on their own, or in an asset pack." I made a plugin in PGMMV and i am working on a sample project to show a demo of my plugin. i want to use your assets, but im not sure if you allow that since i share the whole project so people can see how i implemented the plugin. basicaly the users will have access to the assets i've generated. wanted to check with you first if i can used them or if i should find something else... thanks!

No problem at all, in aseprite i can open multiple files as an animation. i did that and export it to a spritesheets so i made one sprite sheet for each animation since they are not all the same size (make it easier for splitting in the engine). it' not so long after all. So far the worst was the idle loop since it's divided in 3-4 animations. but it wasn't so bad. i'll look into the tool you linked me tho. thanks for the reply. and no worries at all. stay at peace.

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Hey Thomas, i starting an another project using your sprites, last one got ditch to the side. do you have a spread sheet with all animations on one image? it would really help me go faster to set up the animations. i guess i could always open asesprite and make it using all the frames, but it would be a long and painful process...

great work, as usual.

Hey, pretty nice prototype, i know its just a prototype, but here are my recommendation that could improve your game

-coyote time

- jump buffer

- there is a bug where you cant jump anymore if you jump while running in a wall (press against a wall and jump)

-camera is smooth, but it may follow to much the player when going up. sometimes i couldn't see where i would land in time. (i guess you are using cinemachine, that should be easy to configure)

-use the other animation the character pack has ;) they are great.

hope it helps ! keep up ! i'm also making a game using this character :)

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does it create all sprites on different layers? so I could animate each element? or does it produce an image with everything on the same layer? it's pretty cool not gonna lie (Edit: just saw there is source code so i could modify it to do that if it can't)

i don't need it right now, but i'll save it... really nice tool you got there.

thats perfect then! Thanks for the feedback!

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not sure what CC is so i guess I'll wait till you put the license :) thanks a lot

Hey looks super neet, i want to buy it, but i can't see any license...

sure! Good luck in your future project!

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sweet! Can wait to see it ;)! Its all i would need for my splash screen! You think you gonna think about it soon? I'll give you a follow anyway!

Hey looks super cool, do you plan on making the same kind of pack but with cute dog ? i want to make a splash intro for my games and this cats was what i needed, but i could be great if i had a dog too. nice work tho.

Hey i love this pack so far, i bought it, i like the concept of grabing a wall, but it seems pointless since she doesn't have any ' get up from ledge' animation... is there a way you could do that ?

hey, the pack looks amazing! i'm currently working on a platformer and the characters in this pack are exactly what i am looking for, when i'll be done prototyping, i'll defenitly buy this ! Great job

this slime is so well animated great job, wish i could have a cute character like this :)