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Still waiting for an update

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Oh okay! btw if I sometimes type something REALLY stupid and a comment that makes no sense its just cause I cant wait anymore and im hyped ^^

Oh okay! thats good! but every time I get the "half human" ending (where hes still half a person) it gets frozen at the end screen for some reason :( 

Also please make a walkthrough/all endings for witch college cause I want to get all gallery scenes and I keep getting the same ending X_X

Answer is 31 ^^

The answer is 31 :D

Oh ok! do I need to go with the same girl? 

Hello! I just finished the game with all four girls and at the end (in all of them) it says save your game to unlcok different endings so I wonder if there is more to the game after you explore the place with all of the girls? cause theres the tablet thingy at the end I didnt get and the monster was actually the dude for a few seconds at my last run so I dont know can you please explain? do I need to keep playing? thank you! :)

My last comment might have seemed unmature but I honestly cant wait anymore I just LOVE this game. PLEASE tell me its going to be released before 2020

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I honestly I cant wait please update its been 21 (YOU STUPID!) days ever since I posted my last comment UAHRUIASHFDOJFIOSJDF (PS: I MORE TO SEE MORE OF RUBY <3)

Omg its been a month since i posted my last comment please give updates I wanna play this so much :D

Seriously cant wait anymore

Is it possible to get an update? 

(Btw I am pretty sure you read my previous comment and I was just joking obviously so sorry if I offended you)

I cant stop coming back here expecting its out just to realise its not lol

I have another question! you replied to me previously saying there is going to be a bunch of moments to talk with the characters. are these moments going to be long or about 5 minutes of chatting with each character? cause if its too long it gets boring :/


Oh I forgot to ask how long will the second chapter be? :D :D 

I wouldnt say 30$ cause people might think its too much for a game like this.

If its too much money not a lot will buy it.

It its a low price a lot of people will buy it.

So he has to go somewhere in the middle :)

Lol about a year ago I asked about you releasing chapter 2 and its still not out OOF

Seems like you are REALLY working hard on this arent you? I wonder how long the game will be since its been almost two years since you started working on it holy shit

Not gonna lie its one of my favorite visual novels ever and the chapter 2 demo got me even hornier on the story. 

to be honest at first I only looked for hentai visual novels to play so I got chapter 1 decided to play it and I REALLY got into the story. ever since I watched highschool DxD and played quest failed chapter one I stopped watching/playing hentai only for sex. I now look for sex AND story cause its a great combo. hope to play it soon! and you should probably sell it for around 20$ since youre working really fucking hard on it. just PLEASE make more shit with ruby cause holy shit shes my favorite character

How much time for release? I can't wait anymore :D


When I played I played the first chapter it was really fun and pretty long and you are telling me this is going to be ten times longer and better? FUCK YEAH! just let me pay now ffs I will pay you 40$ for it I JUST CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE