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I agree with you about the mouse. V2 is all keyboard controls and I think it plays a lot better!

Being able to disable enemies but them coming back stronger after was a really cool idea!

Well that escalated quickly! Simple and fun gameplay. I think it would be a little more balanced if the enemies couldn’t spawn right near you. There were times I was trying to strafe around a big throng of enemies and then one would spawn right in front of me and I was boxed in. But overall nice game!

Very wholesome, and nice relaxing music! I found it a bit easy because I could pretty much hold down the jump button and fly over the platforms and avoid all enemies. Maybe you could put some enemies on the platform to add to the challenge. But great job!

Very hectic and challenging! I liked that the power up icons were very intuitive. I died right away the first few tries and didn’t notice the controls were printed on the screen. But very fun when you get in the groove, great job!

Started off a little slow but it really picks up! Great graphics as always :) and the cooldown wheel was a nice touch

Nice game! There was one time I felt confident I could tell the difference, but most of the time I felt like I was guessing. Really cool concept though!

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately PICO-8 doesn’t support WASD, but you can use ESDF instead.

Great tool! I find it really useful for developing tweet carts. Is there any chance it could give the character counts for the before and after?

Oops thanks for pointing that out, fixed the description.

I wanted the teleporter to have some momentum to add to the challenge, but I agree it’s a little too sluggish

I wouldn’t have thought a game about bats would go so well with relaxing piano music!

This is a cool submission! I would love to see a description of a world that came out of this process if you have one

I appreciated the sound effects and music. Gameplay was challenging! I was only able to beat it after discovering an ~exploit~ epic strat:

Spoilers Below

You can shoot through doors, so I cleared a few rooms without directly facing the Culkins

So since sounds and sprites don’t contribute to the character count in the PICO-8 editor, does that mean they are allowed after all?

I would be honored, go right ahead!

Really addicting, great job!

Bob Jam community · Created a new topic Deadline Extended

Hey all, I extended the deadline so we have all day Sunday to finish up our games

Yep! It’s easy to miss, but the stack trace says “CrashThisFunctionToWin”.

Cool idea to make a game where you want to get caught! Very nice art, music, and gameplay! The scoring system is also a great way to give it replay value.

I found it a little odd that the bombs explode after a certain amount of time, not a certain amount of turns, just since everything else is turn-based. I also was scrambling away so I wouldn’t get caught in the explosion, before I realized bombs don’t hurt you :). That could be a cool mechanic though if you wanted to expand on this!

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

I love your Pac-Man insight. I wish I could say it was intentional - I went with ghosts just to be a scary thing to hide from and the yellow character came about because I wanted to do something other than your typical 8x8 sprite of a person in jeans and a red shirt, and I thought a person in a hazmat suit was a good fit (which ended up looking like your typical Among Us ripoff :D).

That’s a really cool idea and I could definitely see going further with that, like adding an item to make the ghosts temporarily run away from you. It would be pretty powerful tool to let you explore a lot faster.

Thank you :)


You’re almost there! So to get the final clue you had to revisit the first 2 levels. To do something with it, you’ll have to revisit the third level. Let me know if that helps!

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In the second level it felt a little unforgiving since you had to stay so close to the group, so I ended up evading the angler fish by swimming in a circle.

The third level felt just right though, and I was able to evade the hunter by blending in nearly the whole time. And I noticed that the hunter is faster than you, which makes the “running in circles” strategy much harder, but I found it was still possible if you run diagonally. Wasn’t sure if that was intentional or not.

But this was a really solid mechanic and a good take on the theme!

It felt like the characters were a little too small, but I liked the art work!

Having to hold one button but tap the other made it surprisingly challenging for such a straightforward mechanic!

Thank you! And you beat my best time!

I probably should have put this in the description, but when breeding there is a 20% chance of a mutation for each trait, where the result doesn’t come from either of the parents. So if run out of anything, you can keep “rolling the dice” until you get whatever trait you are missing.

Sadly, I was never able to survive long enough to transform, but nice game! It’s great to see you two do a collaboration :D

Is there any chance there will be a 6th Tweet Tweet Jam? (And sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I couldn’t find a discord link or other chat)

Nevermind, I got it! Uploaded a fix. Thanks for playtesting!

Thanks for letting me know about that. I haven’t been able to reproduce. Would you mind letting me know what device you’re using?

Haha I’ll have to check that out

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Cool concept! The controls seemed a little sensitive, especially when it came to balancing on the skinny piece in the third (I think) level. But I loved the music, I’ve used Pico-8 Tunes myself a number of times!

Impressive AI! The third level took me awhile because I kept dying and because the enemies weren’t making themselves easy targets. Nice work!

Really cool idea! It took me awhile to understand the mechanic - level 3 had me stumped for a bit.

Pretty cool! I got overwhelmed with all the different controls and didn’t do too well. But I like the concept!