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Great little game, good job!

1 - I'm a woman

2 - You seem pretty obsessed with me, so here, we can have a little debate if you'd like :) Maria#9991


Ooh, really made you mad with that one

bro shut the fuck up

Riots are an inevitable component of social unrest. If you don't like them, fix the social problems, don't yell at the people upset about it.

bro shut the fuck up

China is state capitalism

"You say capitalism is bad yet you make money"
You fucking dipshit

Nicely made, but far too easy. There's no real punishment for boosting over and over again (avoiding hitting corner edges is pretty easy - and when you do hit the edges you can make up the speed loss very quickly) so I won every race super easily.

Brillaint, fantastic job! I had a lot of fun.

As a driller fan, this is great, very good job!

Great stuff, really fun little game.

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Yep, lots of people still do.

Though I'd say more frequently WLAN now.

My siblings really enjoy this little game. Good stuff!

Here's a Steam Grid image!

Made a Steam Grid image for this!


no, it's probably due to one of the recent windows updates. Lots of games have been reporting issues with the mouse since.

wait, what? I'm confused. Isn't it packaged with wavs?

View always moving to the top left. Can't control looking around.

What are the limitations for the .wav files? One partiuclar sample pack I tried outputted pure static.

Really neat!

No fullscreen?!

Not a good font choice. I can barely read the text.