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Cool, glad you like them!

Thanks for the suggestion, when designing the game I wanted to add 'feedback' inertia - such that if an enemy is hit by something they should recoil  - like when you hit them with a sword - similarly if they stupidly walk into a hazard like a spinning blade/axe - it should hurtle them.  I get that it makes it more difficult, but I kinda feel its part of the game, you need to keep an eye out for an enemy about to walk into a hazard and plan your move.  Would be interested in other players views on this? (incidentally this is mainly a feature in Dungeon 1 and to a lesser extent Dungeon 3)

Glad you are enjoying it, thanks!

That's awesome! Thanks for playing.

cheers Sheepy!

Thanks Hitch, glad you enjoyed it!

Wow! Thanks so much for the feedback, I always worry when designing a game...'will people get it' so it's immensely gratifying that at least one person does! You are right about the spells, I've watched a few people playing the game and most rely on the Sword, whilst that's fun to do...mastering your spellbook is the real path to success!  Thanks so much!!!!

I'm  looking in to selectable music for the next update, unfortunately the track you linked to wouldn't be compatible.  Music is not something I can do myself, if there are any AY musicians out there who would like to contribute some suitable tracks please let me know!   The music seems very subjective, some people love it, some really hate it.  Help!!

Wow! That's so great to hear! Thanks!

Thanks so much for the feedback.

Great! Thanks for your support

Thanks for all your support Indie Retro News!


My pleasure, really pleased you are enjoying it

Hey friend, thanks! We found a bug on Javi's stream, I've fixed it, be sure to download the updated version above

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! Music is by Yerzmyey

My pleasure Sheepy!

Thanks, although it's only a demo of what you can create quickly with Shmupkit, I'll probably get round to writing a full game with it at some point!

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Highly recommended, fantastic graphics and atmosphere, ingenious mechanics, puzzles and a brilliant example of what can be achieved with MPAGD with thought, care and attention to detail. Congrats amigo!

Thanks, glad you found them useful, and a great first speccy game too, look forward to seeing more!

Some familiar mechanics here :)

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Gracias por sus amables comentarios

The new game is launched, The Swarm is Coming

Yes, it's bug-free as far as I am aware!

So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment!

Whoop! consider me encouraged, thanks so much for your support Paul :)

5 X 48k files. A training tutorial and 4 missions. About 80 screens.

Thanks so much man, really enjoyed your stream, was so gratifying to hear your comments especially when you said it felt like 'top down Doom' as that was exactly what I set out to create...although it mutated with other influences like MGS and obviously Alien Breed. I also got a bunch of ideas from watching you play that I will put into the update.

Thanks so much

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Thanks Sheepy!

Email me

I'm currently working on something completely different at the moment, it will be out later this year, it's a top down shooter/adventure (think Alien Breed, Into the Eagles Nest etc.) There are some videos on my twitter @minilopr.  After that, maybe Cocoa 3, I have the story for it....just haven't started development yet!

For anyone new to the wonders of MPAGD, I've been writing a Beginners Guide Blog as well as some more advanced tutorials here:

MPAGD Beginners Guide

MPAGD Advanced Tutorials

Hi Alessandro, I did read your annual, it is superb and I tweeted a link to it that a lot of people downloaded and also commented how good it is!  It's a really good and honest review, thanks, I will add some info to the game page.

Wow!, thanks that is very generous of you. Glad to have helped too and I'm looking forward to seeing your creations

Thanks so much!

Hi, and thanks for the feedback, this is something I am looking into and if successful I will add it to the supporters editions.

Bitmap Soft are publishing a special edition of Cocoa and the Time Machine, it can be pre-ordered here:

Coming from you Mr C, that is some compliment! thanks so much for all your work on MPAGD. Im working on Cocoa2 now, the bunny has some new tricks!