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Now I will idk blow it up with tnt maybe?

it looks good can't wait to download it 

Didn't he use unity with to make the the last game 

How excitly I've tried multiple times and nothing it just says there was a problem processing the package or whatever so how?!

Among dream for both android and windows 

Among dream 2/Among hunters only for windows


Then make a apk version of this so it will actually work on android

Does anyone know how to get this to work on android pls 

If it worked

It's not great but it's ok

It's all in all a good addon not a great addon but good if you want some new axes and swords download it


What if I don't have tiktok?

(1 edit)

How do you get it to work on android?


Ok but if you get the chance to fix it do cuz im stick cuz of it

Because making apps for iOS is impossible unless you get them on too the iOS appstore 

I'm not sure about that 

it's ok but the robot thing I ran into not even 10 minutes in the game is unbeatable plus there's 2 of them they are really broken soon as the gets fixed I like it but not the robot things 

It's kinda fun

or is it