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I wish I was able to play this. My computer could not handle it. Played for about 10 min with the horrible lag and came across the writing on the wall, in Russian. Yesterday I just started learning the alphabet and I was very pleased with myself when I read the first word. I had to quit after that though, the mouse tracking was too bad. 

Also a suggestion, it would be nice if you were able to save your game. I exited to the main menu to see if there were any graphics settings, there weren't so I entered back into the game. Sadly I had to start over. It did not really matter as I had only opened the windows and such, but I would imagine if I had been playing for longer, this would have been sad.

Was not expecting that, but it was great. I can't imagine making such a great game in so little time. 10/10 would recommend. Also, yes, it's better with earbuds//headphones.

ayyy i won- also i loved the references/jokes

I didn't make any friends... Is there anything else to do?

Really cool animation type thing. Super short but I do recommend. It will only take a bit

whit why do i remember playing this years ago... I'm 16 now so if it was as far back as I seem to remember... this is really nostalgic for me woah


egg gang

Why do I relate to the creator so much and yet your name is chibi and you still have a diviant art in 2019. ooof ok thats all

Highscore of 2 min. Such a shame I couldn't go any longer. haha really funny game

Yay! I just finished and I'm so proud of myself. Go me, ended up with Sam. Pretty extra. Also, loved all of the easter eggs like the avatar the last air bender refrence, or the flower things! Great job Philip.

Also just played again and ended up with the old dude. So fun, great game!