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I set everything to low and only in some parts of the map causes lag

There should be more graphic options because my pc runs like a potato

I think you shouldn't call  Ancient Warfare 3 "Ancient" because there are modern weapons

Press c

1st person view is already in the game

Could you pls add zonbies?

Make them more like a fantasy unit not like the modern day zombies

I found a glitch. When i turn off SSAO exit and re enter the game SSAO turn on again and i have to go to the setting, turn SSAO on then off to fix it.

add beach


I have an idea

Rather than have a huge list of unit you could instead make your own custom unit like the choose player equipment board and save it

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they are like buildings that you could walk in

add thirdperson

add village buildings or tents

i see the Legend27

add stairs or ladders in building

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plz add survival mode.

blue have capture all flags.

red will come and attack brutal.

you have to defend the flags.

(bad english)