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Have you open he chest?

Very beautiful illustrations. I will try it after the onsite party.

It seems that I cannot open your game, I am using windows 10 operating system.

Thank you for your play! I Wish you like it. As in pico8 fanzine #4 says, the key part of this kind of roguelike game is the parity of your position. In order th change the parity, sometimes you need to open a door, kick a jar or throw some items. But now you can always change it as long as you have at least 2 characters in your team. It brings you a lot of advantage and changes the gameplay significantly, so I generate a much larger map and room, and makes the monsters come together in order to make it much harder.

Nice one! I enjoy this game very much.

I rewrite  the original random map generator algorithm in order to generate a larger map (24x24) so that it is more challange. And both character now has their own equipment system.